BiblePay — Q4 Updates 2019: October, November, December

Mandatory Upgrade v1.4.8.4

Download Wallet:

NOTE: Upgrade goes live at Block #166075, approximately 12/26/2019

BiblePay has merged in all Dash v0.14 code and fixes up to November 2019!

ChainLocks Enabled

Chainlocks theoretically makes it almost impossible to perform a 51% attack on BiblePay!

Deterministic Masternodes Enabled

Masternodes can now be setup to have 3 roles, Owner, Operator and Voter

BOINC is a program that lets you donate your idle computer time to science projects, BiblePay has improved and added back in coin rewards for contributing to real science research!

Proof of Distributed Computing (PODC) Setup

“World Community Grid’s research projects have analyzed aspects of the human genome, HIV, dengue, muscular dystrophy, cancer, influenza, Ebola, virtual screening, rice crop yields, and clean energy”

Dynamic Whale Staking (DWS) Added

Potentially gain interest for up to a year in the future by burning your coins now!

Proof of Giving (POG) Removed

Graviex Exchange Listing

Trade BBP for BTC, ETH and USDC!

The BTC trading pair goes to 9 decimal places!

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Merry Christmas!

For a great gift I recommend the book “The Internet of Money”

BiblePay News

BiblePay (BBP) is "A cryptocurrency with compassion and a…

BiblePay (BBP) - Togo

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BiblePay News

BiblePay (BBP) is "A cryptocurrency with compassion and a conscience". Sponsoring children in need around the world!

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