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Sep 29 · 4 min read

Mandatory Upgrade v1.4.4.8

Download Wallet:

New Quick Start Guide

Learn how to earn BiblePay (BBP) coins in multiple ways
- Masternodes (Sanctuaries)
- Proof of Giving (POG)
- Proof of BibleHash (POBH)
- Healing Diary Entries

CameroonOne Paternship — Proof of Orphan Mining (POOM)

Directly sponsor an orphan and be rewarded BBP coins in your wallet!

Tokok Exchange Listing
Based in British Virgin Islands, Tokok trades hundreds of millions of dollars in volume every day, and with built in Chinese language support, we have now entered into the Asian market

Trade Ethereum for BBP:

How to Register:

SouthXChange Supports Debit/Credit Cards

Our #1 Exchange for trading BBP coins, SouthXChange, has partnered with Carbon to allow users in Argentina and Latin America to buy cryptocurrency with Visa, Mastercard and Apple Pay

Christian Treasure Trove (Christian Spaces)

“We believe some IT companies are starting to censor Christianity related content … We are working on a solution to host critical Christian information, forever, using our 2nd tier nodes, Masternodes (Sanctuaries).

Once information is uploaded into BIPFS, it will be available as part of our exposed web presence (its a FQDN subdomain of with SEO) with our coming decentralized reverse DNS.”

“We would like you to download and keep any critical Christian information in a folder that you believe should be saved and available during the great tribulation, or during a time of scarcity of the Word of God. It could be a testimony, a rapture dream, an end-times testimony, edifying things and/or things you believe are valuable. And especially, documents that carry on the Word of God that could be sanitized from the internet.” Exchange Shutting Down

GIN Masternode Hosting Shutdown

Apollon Network — Masternode Hosting
Click ‘+’. Choose BiblePay. Choose “Apollon Hosted Node”

Training Videos:

Who are Apollon Network?:

Reminder: Upgrading Masternodes (Sanctuaries) to Deterministic

Happy 2nd Birthday BiblePay!

We launched on July 23rd 2017, many cryptocurrencies have died or stopped development, but BiblePay is still going strong!

BiblePay News

BiblePay (BBP) is "A cryptocurrency with compassion and a conscience". Sponsoring children in need around the world!

BiblePay (BBP) - Togo

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BiblePay News

BiblePay (BBP) is "A cryptocurrency with compassion and a conscience". Sponsoring children in need around the world!

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