Movie Section in the Hekman Library

Today we can get movies anywhere online and we don’t have a big need for DVDs and VHS tapes are an ancient relic that belongs in a museum, so why does Calvin College’s Library have a section of DVDs that the students can rent? On the second floor of the Hekman library and towards the back wall there are a few shelves full of DVDs, some are for film classes and some are just for recreation. Since Netflix and amazon prime became big ticket websites to stream movies people have not felt as big of a need to go out to a video store and rent movies. In fact since people have been streaming online video stores like Blockbuster have went out of business. Bu the question still remains why does Calvin College still offer its students a large selection of DVDs to rent?

Since I was curious as to what some of the students thought about it I interviewed some and the responses were very different. One student I interviewed was a film major and he said that sometimes he has to rent a movie for his film class since he doesn’t have an amazon prime account. As I browed the movie shelves I saw that there were about two shelves front and back filled with movies for film classes. Another student I interviewed lives on my floor and she didn’t even know that the library rented out DVDs after I told her about it she said “I don’t see a real need for that anymore, maybe ten years ago it was a great idea but now with all this technology no one has to rent a movie.” The response I got from her was one that was very similar to the ones online from some research I did.

Before I asked those two students about the movies at the library I browsed the selection myself and discovered that most of the films that the library owns are not very recent. Most of the movies that do rest on the shelves are classic movies like The Breakfast Club, Top Gun, and Disney films. Just by gazing at titles like those three and other similar I could tell the section was not updated recently. After I looked at the libraries selection of films I asked a librarian if students check out movies and she said that the movie section used to be very popular but since streaming movies become possible not as many students want to get the films at the library. The main part that I picked up on is that not a lot of people really notice or care about the films available at the library because they find those same films and a bunch others online and they don’t need to have a return date.

As I said before as I was browsing the shelves I saw all kinds of different movies from recreational to movies for film class. Most of the movies on the shelves were for recreation or there were also a few documentaries about different subjects, for example there was one about the kings of Egypt. The movies for film classes consisted of the older black and white movies or there was one about how camera angles can represent a certain mood. As stated above most of the recreational movies are older but they are also movies that everyone can enjoy even if they have already seen them. The movies they have available do not seem like ones that were just randomly selected and then thrown onto some shelves, the movies seem like they were picked by someone who knew what kinds of films college students watch and can also enjoy.

The Hekman library has a very well thought out film selection but not a very updated one and with the way times are today what with all the technology it makes since that they don’t update it frequently. The first time I heard about the movie section was earlier this year when my roommate, who is a lover of all kinds of movies wanted to go and check it out but since then I haven’t given it much thought since I usually watch movies on Netflix. I personally feel like DVDs will one day become the new VHS tapes, in the sense where no one watches them anymore and they just end up sitting in an old cupboard in someone’s basement. There is not a strong need for DVDs anymore with Netflix and all the other movies streaming websites that are available to everyone for only a small price. I think that its great the Calvin offers a selection of movies to students even if it’s not very popular but as of late there is not this huge need to go out and rent a DVD so maybe the library doesn’t even need the section anymore.