Bibox Europe Takes Aim at Traditional Finance Industry, Receives Equity Investment from a Global Top Ten Bank

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May 20 · 2 min read

by Aries Wang

Bibox Europe is a new type of fully regulated Blockchain Financial Service Institution with European Licenses. Its mission is to eliminate barriers between traditional institutions’ fiat money and cryptos, boost crypto’s access to fiat currency. Bibox Europe has been linked to multiple Swiss banks and it will offer crypto trading and crypto — fiat (US dollars, Euros, English pound, Swiss franc, etc) trading.

As a one-stop solution for fiat currency and crypto, Bibox Europe has 4 major businesses that bridge with traditional financial institutions:

1. Getting Digital Assets with Fiat Currencies

Bibox Europe received European major banks’ authorization to provide users with access to USD, EUR, GBP, and CHF, after obtaining an equity investment from an internationally renowned bank.

2. Compliance and Insurance

Bibox Europe has reached a partnership with a regulated custodian to protect the assets of cold wallets. Besides, Bibox Europe signed a warranty service with an insurance company. If any uncontrollable third-party factors lead to loss of customer assets, the insurance company will reimburse the claim in full.

3. Credit Card Payment

Bibox Europe will be issuing Bibox credit card, working with major credit card service providers. Users would enjoy the freedom of purchasing a wide range of cryptocurrencies paying with Bibox VISA/MasterCard. Bibox will add more application scenarios to its native token in the international payment field.

4. OTC Trading

Partnerships with leading OTC trading desks in Asia, Europe and America, including FBG Capital, to implement rapid order execution and process transactions globally involving over 20 cryptocurrencies.

Bibox Europe has set its mind on being a Blockchain Financial Service Company with compliance and full-dimensional guarantee. The company mission has been recognized by its equity investors, and it has reached cooperation with internationally renowned hedge funds, family offices, asset management institutions, and payment companies to establish multi-dimensional compliance, security, and comprehensive Bibox Finance Ecology.

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Exchange Now, Unbox the Future—Bibox, the first AI enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange.

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Bibox is an AI-enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange and is one of the largest global exchanges.

Bibox Blog

Exchange Now, Unbox the Future—Bibox, the first AI enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange.