BICC Important Dates!

BICC Community Conversation after Mass on 11/14; Interfaith Trans Day of Remembrance on 11/20 (Zoom); Longest Night Interfaith Advent Service on 12/21 (Hybrid). Beautiful & exciting things. Read on for more info!

BEING CHURCH: A BICC Community Conversation

11/14/21 immediately following Mass, in person & via Zoom

The BICC Outreach Team invites you to join us in a brief (30 minute) time of reflection and conversation on the evolving future of Brownsburg Inclusive Catholic Community (BICC)! Rev. Don Treadwell, one of our BICC outreach team & community members, will lead this conversation drawing on his extensive experience as a pastor and church-grower. We’ll use the following framework for our conversation:


Church is the community of people through whom God is experienced. The role of the church must be to become the place where the disparate parts of our humanity can be bound together and then kept from being separated again.
The primary task of a faith community is to assist in the creation of wholeness — not goodness, but wholeness. That community’s sole purpose is to be the place where each person can be nurtured into wholeness.” — The Rt Rev John Shelby Spong (1931–2021), Episcopal Bishop of Newark


Outside of gathering for Mass, what tools & best practices do you think (will) keep our BICC Community connected? What ways do we have of being church where “each person can be nurtured into wholeness,” including ourselves?


Introduction of Rev. Don Treadwell
Opening Prayer
Introductory Comments by Don
Discussion and Sharing
Summary of Responses
Closing Prayer and Dismissal

Questions? Feel free to contact our outreach team at Outreach team members include Patti V., Rev. Don T., Norine C., and Rev. Angela.

BICC Interfaith Collaborations

The special services that follow are being offered in collaboration with other faith communities, in the spirit of unity and community support.

Image: LGBTQ+ Ministry Trans Day of Remembrance 11/20/21

Trans Day of Remembrance

Interfaith Vigil led by Quaker Pastor Anthony, 11.20.21, 8p EST, Zoom

Trans Day of Remembrance (TDoR) was founded by Gwendolyn Ann Smith in 1999 to honor the memory of a trans woman, Rita Hester, who was killed in 1998. The first TDoR vigil was held in on 11.20.99, honoring all victims killed because of anti-transgender violence that preceding year. This has become an annual tradition honored by LGTBQ+ communities and trans activists.

Rev. Angela’s (she/her) dear friend, Pastor Anthony (he/him) is an openly transgender Jesus-loving Quaker pastor, Good Omens enthusiast, fanfic writer, pastoral soul, preacher, trans advocate, and beloved friend. He leads a TDoR vigil every year to honor the memory of trans people whose God-given lives were tragically taken from them because of anti-trans environments and violence. This year, Angela is participating in the vigil as a cisgender ally and Catholic priest. Anyone from BICC who would like to learn more about trans theology, supporting trans/non-binary loved ones, or to join in solidarity on the night of the vigil are very welcome to contact Angela. (

Longest Night Interfaith Advent Service

12.21.21 at 6:45p at Calvary United Methodist Church & via live stream.
All are welcome to join us for a special interfaith advent service on Winter Solstice. On this ‘longest night’ we will come together to express our grief and bless our lamentations. We will give voice to our losses, life changes, challenges, disquieted hearts, and divisions. We will give space to our pain and claim the light of advent… Emmanuel… God with us.

BICC is collaborating with Calvary UMC, Good Samaritan Episcopal Church, and Messiah Lutheran Church for our collective communities and the greater Brownsburg area. All are truly welcome. If you are interested in learning more or possibly helping, please contact Rev. Angela (

Next BICC Masses

BICC currently has an alternating Mass schedule with our Sister communities in Indianapolis. All are hybrid services, offered in-person and via Zoom. All are welcome.

  • BICC celebrates on the 2nd & 5th Sundays of the month at Brownsburg East Middle School, 11am. (
  • SMMCC (St. Mary of Magdala Catholic Community, Indianapolis) celebrates on the 1st & 4th Sundays at the Indiana InterChurch Center. (
  • Rev. Peggy Alderman celebrates a home-church liturgy on the 3rd Saturdays of the month. (

11/7/21 — SMMCC, 5p. Rev. Helen Weber-McReynolds

11/14/21 — BICC, 11am, Rev. Angela N. Meyer

11/20/21 — Saturday Home Church w. Rev. Peggy Alderman, 5p.

11/27/21 — SMMCC, 5p. Rev. Helen Weber-McReynolds

12/5/21 — SMMCC, 5p, Rev. Helen Weber-McReynolds

12/12/21 — BICC, 11am, Rev. Nancy L. Meyer

12/18/21 — Saturday Home Church w. Rev. Peggy Alderman, 5p.

12/24/21 — Christmas Eve Mass, TBD, collaboration of BICC and SMMCC, presided by Rev. Angela N. Meyer and Rev. Helen Weber-McReynolds

· · ·

Bp. Nancy L. Meyer (
Rev. Angela N. Meyer (

Make checks payable to BICC and mail to:
BICC, PO Box 551, Brownsburg, IN 46112



Homilies & reflections from Brownsburg Inclusive Catholic Community (BICC). Our independent community practices shared leadership, gender equality, and full LGBTQ+ affirmation and inclusion. Our pastors are Roman Catholic Women Priests.

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Angela Nevitt Meyer

She/her. Mama bear. Catholic priest. Mind-Body Medicine certified practitioner. Roman Catholic Women Priests (RCWP) 🌈