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BICC October News

Celebrating all things NEW! In this issue: welcome, new logo, new gathering space, newly ordained priest, new uses of technology, timeless & new ways for “being church”, an important save-the-date, & Mass schedule. Scroll on!


At BICC, we practice all sacraments for all* people. LBGTQ+ beloveds and humans of all genders, races, ethnicities, marital statuses, ages, abilities, neurodiversities, and spiritualities are welcome and valued. Coming together, our celebration of God’s loving presence among us is more complete!

*Ordination requires application to RCWP, spiritual direction, discernment, MDiv or equivalent education, & completion of RCWP preparatory process.

New logo!

Our new logo celebrates who we are: People of God centered in the practice of Holy Communion, going forth to love and serve in our unique and holy calls.

A very generous anonymous designer took great care designing this for us! Through coffee-talk conversations, community check-ins, and multiple revisions, he designed something unique that truly represents us:

Image: Brownsburg Inclusive Catholic Community Logo. On the left, a circular design with a communion wafer in the center, with “B I C C” in each quadrant formed by the cross. Multi-colored celebration-themed “people” of the community surround the eucharistic image, facing outward. On the right, the words: Brownsburg Inclusive Catholic Community.

New growth!

After multiple months of Zoom-only services, our community grew beyond the capacity of our original church home. Through community discernment, we established a finance committee who have worked hard to research and find solutions for us in a number of areas! We offer our thanks to Tom, Scott, Pinkie, and Bishop Nancy! Here is just a quick review of accomplishments since April 2021:

  • Officially incorporated Brownsburg Inclusive Catholic Community (BICC) as a non-profit organization in the state of IN.
  • Opened a BICC bank account to manage community finances.
  • Determined processes for financial accountability, including: discerning financial needs, expenses, and disbursing checks for community investments and compensation to our priests, preachers, and other hired help.
  • Secured a new gathering space for us at Brownsburg East Middle School (BEMS)!
  • Continue finance planning to improve tech-solutions for hybrid Masses, and more!

New gathering space!

We are now meeting on the 2nd & 5th Sundays of the month at Brownsburg East Middle School (BEMS). We offer our tremendous thanks to Janet and Bob for bringing us all together and nurturing our seedling community in their home for the past 7 years. Many of us never envisioned the new growth that prompted our move. As psalm 96 (translated by Rev. Dr. Wil Gafney) goes, “Sing to our God a new song, for she has done marvelous deeds!”

Enjoy these two photos, one from our original home, and another of our first BICC setup crew at BEMS.

BICC beginnings: our original space. Image of community members raising their hands in blessing of a newly baptized member of the community.
Set up crew for our first Mass at BEMS: left to right (not pictured: Scott), Bishop Nancy, Rev. Angela, Nora, Kirk, Jarrett.

Newly ordained priest!

BICC celebrates our newest priest! Rev. Angela N. Meyer was ordained a priest on 10/2/2021. Angela previously served our community as deacon and will now join Bishop Nancy as co-pastor for the BICC community. She celebrated her first Mass as priest with us on 10/10/2021. Read her first priestly homily here: A call to holy imagination.

On October 2, 2021, Bishop Nancy L. Meyer ordained Angela N. Meyer (unrelated!) to the priesthood according to Roman Catholic rites and rituals. See RCWP for more history. Angela will join Nancy in serving our Brownsburg Inclusive Catholic Community as priest. Image: Bishop Nancy (right) laying hands on Rev. Angela’s head (left) as part of the ordination rite.
Photos from Rev. Angela’s first Mass at BICC on 10/10/2021. Left to right. Photo 1: Rev. Angela wearing white chasuble and stole and a rainbow mask at the beginning of Mass. Photo 2: Music ministers Nancy L., Jarrett, Kirk, Cindy, and Marie made a joyful song to our God! Photo 3: members of our community with hands extended in mutual blessing at the end of Mass.

New uses of technology!

Zoom for Hybrid liturgies! Kirk, Scott, Tom, and Nancy met with a technical advisor in late September to discuss the best ways we can use technology to support our goal of maintaining a truly connected hybrid church (online & in person). At this time, our finance team is helping us plan to purchase equipment that will enhance audiovisuals and improve our overall setup. Currently we are using the personal property of Kirk, Nancy, Angela, and Jarrett to meet all of our technical needs, in addition to what is provided by BEMS. We are grateful for all they make possible! If you would like to provide feedback on your experience as a Zoom Mass-goer, please contact Nancy or Angela.

Screenshot of our BICC musician’s “VirtuousPub,” hosted by Kirk B! Pictured: Kirk, Cindy, Angela.

YouTube for our musician’s “virtuous pub” recordings! Check out the full list of songs they recorded using the app Acapella during the long months of quarantine. Here’s a special favorite, appropriate for this time of year: Thanksgiving Eve.

Medium for staying connected! Angela has used Medium as a blogging platform for the past several years. Visit BICC Homilies to check out past and future homilies. Medium provides a free newsletter services that allows us to send out this newsletter!

Donation platforms for future use. Please know that your financial contributions not only help us pay rent and compensate our presiders for their work in preparing our liturgies and homilies, but they also help us meet our needs as a growing community. We are aware that many people no longer carry checkbooks or cash, and we are doing our research to make easy online contributions possible. Stay tuned!

Timeless ways of being church!

Some ways of being Church don’t change. Participation & connection is vital! Thanks to everyone who volunteers to make our community thrive in your many special ways, especially:

  • Nancy, our fearless leader, and Mass convener!
  • Angela, our preaching multitasker!
  • Julie K, who prayerfully plans our music selections for each Mass.
  • All our musicians! Kirk B, who leads our musicians in preparation and music-making at each Mass. Cindy, Angela, Jarrett, and recent additions — Marie T, and Nancy L! We might ask them to write a future newsletter note to share about their experience making music for us in pandemic times, and transitioning back to hybrid. It has all been an adventure!
  • Marilyn W, who bakes our communion bread.
  • Julie P, who writes beautiful petitions for our sister community in Indianapolis, St. Mary of Magdala, and has recently written for us.
  • Indy-area priests Maria McClain, Helen Weber-McReynolds, and Peggy Alderman, who have collaborated with our own Bishop Nancy to provide weekly online liturgies open to all of us since the pandemic began.
  • YOU who join us for liturgies, support growing equality in the Catholic Church, and volunteer to read at Mass. Every presence, every voice, every act of participation enriches us all.
  • Our finance committee, for all reasons previously mentioned! Thanks Pinkie E, Tom N, Scott, and Bp. Nancy!
  • Our outreach committee, for reasons yet to be named — stay tuned! Thanks Don T, Norine C, Patti V, and Rev. Angela!

NEW ways of being church as BICC!

Our outreach committee (Don, Norine, Patti, Rev. Angela) has been meeting monthly since the end of 2020. They will share more about the evolution of their ministry for our community in future Mass announcements and newsletters.

BEING CHURCH: A community conversation on 11/14/2021.

SAVE THE DATE! Join us after Mass on 11/14 for a 20–30 minute conversation about what church means to us.

  • How are we “being church” when we aren’t at Mass?
  • What are our individual gifts?
  • How are we called as a community, and how will we grow?

Rev. Don Treadwell is a supportive member of our community who has a wealth of experience in church development. He will lead our conversation!

Next Masses

BICC currently has an alternating Mass schedule with our Sister communities in Indianapolis. All are hybrid services, offered in-person and via Zoom. All are welcome.

  • BICC celebrates on the 2nd & 5th Sundays of the month at Brownsburg East Middle School, 11am.
  • SMMCC (St. Mary of Magdala Catholic Community, Indianapolis) celebrates on the 1st & 3rd Sundays at the Indiana InterChurch Center.
  • Rev. Peggy Alderman celebrates a home-church liturgy on the 4th Sundays of the month, currently via Zoom only.

10/24/21 — SMMCC, 5pm. Rev. Helen Weber-McReynolds

10/31/21 — BICC, 11am. Bp. Nancy L. Meyer

11/7/21 — SMMCC, 5p. Rev. Helen Weber-McReynolds

11/14/21 — BICC, 11am, Rev. Angela N. Meyer

Bp. Nancy L. Meyer (
Rev. Angela N. Meyer (

Make checks payable to BICC and mail to:
BICC, PO Box 551, Brownsburg, IN 46112



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Angela Nevitt Meyer

She/her. Mama bear. Catholic priest. Mind-Body Medicine certified practitioner. Roman Catholic Women Priests (RCWP) 🌈