BICC September News

NEW in September 2022: community directory, worship space, online giving, website, ways to be involved!


Email & Community Directory — action needed!

Dear friends, please help us update our email list and community directory.

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By completing this form, you’re helping us: (1) ensure you want to remain on our email list, (2) minimize the number of emails you receive, (3) learn how you want to participate with BICC, and (4) enable us to provide YOU with a community directory if you choose to opt in. The choices are all yours. You just need to tell us what you want.

Please, fill it out.* Thank you!

*If you would like to stop receiving emails from BICC, then do nothing. By 11/1/22, we will stop sending emails to anyone who hasn’t filled out this form.

BICC setup crew for our first Mass at Ash. Left to Right: Angela, Nancy, Kirk, Jarrett

New worship space, new ways to give!

Our community continues to evolve! In August 2022, we started a rental contract with Ash Interactive, where we now host our in-person Masses. This space is great for us! We also purchased all new audio/video equipment as an investment in quality liturgies now and into the future.

As with any church, we need your ongoing support to cover our essential expenses: rent, insurance, presider stipends, worship materials, and a stipend to hire someone to run our audio/visuals. We operate on a minimal budget, and yet, we depend on your giving to ensure our continued presence as a community that worships in person and via Zoom where all are truly welcome to the Eucharistic table.

You can now set up one-time or recurring online donations to BICC via our GiveButter campaign, which is easiest to locate on the “give” tab of our website (see next section!) You continue to have options to mail a check to BICC or leave a donation in the collection basket at Mass. Whatever helps you help BICC is best for all of us!

Here is a snapshot of our current monthly expenses:

BICC average monthly expenses for in-person Mass 2x/Month = $675:
Rent = $250 per Mass
Presider stipend = $50 per Mass
Audio-visual tech stipend = $50 per Mass (once hired)
General BICC supplies = $25 per Mass (incidentals as needed)
Co-pastor technology stipend* = $50 per month per pastor

*Co-pastor technology stipend assists with costs of internet, Zoom, printer, Canva, and other presider-incurred expenses to support our co-pastors’ ministries

Note: the above average does not calculate in costs of our P.O. Box, insurance, website, etc. We will provide a fuller financial report in the future. Angela donated the costs of our website for the first year and the licensing of our domain for the first 5 years.

BICC average monthly expenses for in-person Mass 2x/Month = $675:
Image: a screen shot of BICC’s new website’s homepage.

Visit our new website!

Over Labor Day weekend, Angela ‘labored’ to create our first BICC website! This initial site includes an “about us” page with our creed, bios for our presiders, and (eventually) photos/quotes from BICC ministry leaders. It also has a “connect” page to help people find and communicate with us, a “give” page where we now accept online donations, and a link to our BICC blog where we share our homilies & community news.

The most important thing that would make our website better would be more images of the people of our community! We will try to coordinate more photography at future Masses, including Zoom screenshots that you can opt into (or out of). As we mentioned at Mass today, we wouldn’t be the same community without you! We want that reflected on our website.

Image: “BICC needs your help. Join a ministry circle!”

Ministry Circle Volunteers Needed

Stewardship Circle: This circle helps support BICC’s presence with sustainable organizational practices and responsible financial stewardship. To volunteer, contact Tom via

Outreach Circle: This circle helps our community grow and stay connected beyond Mass. To volunteer for the Outreach Circle, contact Patti directly at

Music Ministry: This circle of musicians helps bring life to our liturgies through song. Vocalists and instrumentalists welcome! To volunteer, contact Kirk via

Thank you!

We are who we are because of each and every one of you. If you have any needs, questions, or concerns, please let us know. Pastoral care and the sacraments are available if you are in need; contact Nancy or Angela.

Blessings & love!



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