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No Other Quebecker Dared to Take Part In The MWC — Writing Contest?

You are missing all the free fun!

BichoDoMato — World map. There is a bread knife planted in the Quebec province. LOL!
Photographer: BichoDoMato — Wait until the wife finds out this morning. I can’t take the freaking bread-knife out of the wooden counter (and especially the map)… Breakfast on a worldwide map, anyone? No tassels, put a map! No worries, I’ll just make her coffee like I do every morning (98% of mornings) and she may be fine… Finger’s crossed? Expresso or Macchiato my love? Hey! These comments under the picture can go way beyond what I thought they were capable of! Sorry comment under a picture. I underestimated you and this gives me an idea! How far can you reaaaaaally go dear insignificant feature? Are you challenging me with the 5th line you just added there? Have you thought about the poor readers straining eyes? You might be responsible for a few more Lasik surgeries next week. Oh! Do you have stock options, in that Lasik company? Clever financially rewarding feature… Ok, as long as I want to stunt like a man this morning, I feel like I am measuring myself against infinity…. Depending on who did code this little thing. Normally you put a limit so that dorks like me can’t abuse the good things in life like this. But you must not put a too stringent limit as for the personal comments. 400 characters in the first personal comment and then… 200 characters! Should it be the reverse? If I get interested in babbling my life away to a stranger, in private, I want more, not less! Bold! My friends! Bold works too, and links (not italic? Com on!). Must I absolutely plug away one of my stories here? Asking is deserving! Ok ok, which one? Let’s be original for once. You may fall off your chair. This one is excellent but has very low visibility: Our 10th Anniversary Trip in the Desert Was almost Derailed by an Idiot. How about that? And just for clarity, and this is not a spoiler, the idiot of the story is NOT ME! Ok? Rogers.

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Dorky: Hey Dear... Bicho? Did you see my map….IS THAT MY MAP?




The only Nonsense that makes sense — Bicho

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