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1-click integration of Matic Widget ERC20 contracts

We, at Biconomy, are on a mission to empower DApp developers to simplify the transaction experience on their DApps. And we are constantly looking for ways to make it as easy as possible for the developers to do so. In that pursuit, we have been working on a useful integration feature for Matic.

Now developers that are building on matic and want to integrate Biconomy can simply tick a checkbox at the time of registering their Dapp to automatically add all the Matic Widget supported ERC20 token contracts to their DApp. This will enable them to integrate Biconomy’s meta-transactions to the correct ERC20 token contracts in one click!

Previously, you would have to register the matic native meta-transaction supported ERC20 token contracts & methods yourself. This would involve searching for the address & ABI (Application Binary Interface) of each of the ERC20 token contracts supported by Matic Widget. And then manually adding these contracts on the biconomy dashboard one by one.

Not only is this time consuming and inefficient, it is also prone to manual errors. Now the 1-click integration provides a simple user interface to simplify integrating matic widget supported ERC20 token contracts. This will lead to a quick set up and faster development.

This way default ERC20 tokens will be automatically added to your Dapp on Biconomy’s dashboard. Some of the contracts added automatically include Ether, DAI Stablecoin, USD Coin, Chainlink token and Marlin Governance token. The APIs for these will also be added automatically.

Going forward, as Matic supports more ERC20 tokens, we will enable one-click integration with them as well.

For now we are only supporting Matic. However, in the future we would love to provide this support for other popular layer 2 chains. Get in touch to let us know what we should integrate next?!




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