$2M grants program to increase web3 adoption

We will onboard a billion users to web3! And we want to support anyone who contributes to this mission.

Aditya Khanduri
2 min readApr 4, 2022


At Biconomy, we are passionate about making web3 mainstream. We have been strong proponents of it for the last 2 years, way before web3 became a buzz. To achieve our mission, we have built products that simplify 100+ dApps. We have onboarded 1.5M+ unique web3 users. We are solving the interoperability & usability problems.

And now, it’s time for the next phase in this epic mission. To pump those numbers up. To onboard 10M, then 100M & then 1B users to web3. And we cannot do this alone. We are going to need an army of Biconauts. We need thousands of fiery like-minded enthusiasts who will join our movement. That’s why we have launched the BiconomyDAO!

So, are you in?!

2M$ Community Grants Program

We will allocate $2M over the next 6 months to support projects & initiatives that help increase web3 adoption. Projects can apply for grants. Read more about the grant process here. These grants will be given to projects in four key categories:

Building user friendly dApps

Grants will be given to projects and applications that leverage Biconomy to simplify their dApps.

Educating the masses

Grants will be give to fund educators and content creators who help people learn and use decentralised web3 technologies

Improving the multi-chain infrastructure

We are building the multi-chain infrastructure in an open source and collaborative way. Thus, grants will be given to improve our protocol and develop public goods.

Incentivizing web3 adoption

Grants will be given to gamification ideas that help onboard more users or increase the usage of partner applications in the bicosystem.

Have some ideas? Hop in on our discord to brainstorm!

Apply for grants!

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$BICO holders become decision makers

As with most DAOs, BiconomyDAO will be a community effort. $BICO token holders will help decide how to allocate the $2M. Together, we will all play a key role in making web3 mainstream. Read the current scope and responsibilities for the DAO.

We will do this via the governance process. Discussions will take place on the forum. You can cast your vote on Snapshot to vote on grant proposals. All stakeholders can participate in open discussions, create proposals, & play a big role in growing the Bicosystem. Over time, we will progressively decentralize more Biconomy operations towards community decision-making and foster a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Contributor to making web3 mainstream!

You can get involved in many different ways!

Not sure how to contribute? Let us know how you can help as a contributor: https://airtable.com/shrR0bStGwbhcOCXK

Come anon, join us!



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