Announcing the Hyphen Widget — the Ultimate dApp Growth Tool

Embed Hyphen on your dApp UI in 3 minutes for instant cross-chain transfers & onboarding!

Aditya Khanduri


At Biconomy, our endgame has always been interoperability. Still, we have also begun envisioning a future where all the tech is invisible magic, working behind the scenes for the end-user. We envision a somewhat similar future for builders, with lazy load infrastructure ready to be plugged in minutes, helping accelerate adoption.

As Web3 becomes increasingly multi-chain, dApp users will have their funds elsewhere, meaning providing them with a seamless in-dApp transfer method will be a make or break process when it comes to onboarding new users in your dApp. Failure to do so quickly and painlessly will result in frustrated and ultimately, lost users.

What’s So Special About the Hyphen Widget?

Our new Hyphen Widget is created specifically for dApps and the developers who build them to seamlessly scale user-base by providing a frictionless onboarding experience for new users.

Lightning Fast integration for instant cross-chain transactions:

Aside from being one of the fastest configurable widgets seen so far, integrating hyphen can be done with zero overhead costs and optimized in terms of security and caching.

While developers still have the alternative to integrate Hyphen using the SDK, the widget takes the game to the next level, allowing integration in just 3 minutes. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself here👉

In-dApp UX:

With impeccable and simple in-dApp user experience, the widget improves efficiency for users, traders, and developers.

24/7 dev support:

The Bico promise does not end with integration; we offer 24/7 support to dApps to ensure bridging is seamless and effortless.

Looking Forward

As UX maximalists, we’re constantly working towards helping developers and users stay ahead of the curve.

Hyphen widget is a powerful tool for devs ready to grow their dApps. If you’re one of them, get started👉 Here!



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