Arbitrum partners with Biconomy to simplify dApps using Arbitrum rollup

Aditya Khanduri
Apr 24, 2021 · 3 min read

Now devs building on Arbitrum can leverage Biconomy’s plug-n-play APIs to enable an intuitive user experience.

The Biconomy ecosystem has been growing rapidly in the last few weeks. We have rapidly brought gasless transactions & the forward experience to multiple dapps, protocols & chains. Now, we are very pleased to bring the simpler user experience to the Arbitrum ecosystem!

In the past few months we have seen a lot of interest from devs building on Arbitrum. The ecosystem is very ‘optimistic’ about Optimistic Rollups (Low hanging fruits, sorry gotta do it). Having known the team behind Arbitrum, we are confident that their solution will play a crucial role in scaling web 3.0. Thus, we are thrilled to help dapps on Arbitrum become as easy to use as web2.0, as the ecosystem scales for mass adoption.

Go gasless on Arbitrum!

Dapps building on Arbitrum can now easily integrate Biconomy’s APIs to sponsor the gas fees on behalf of their users. This will enable an improved gasless user experience for interacting with any smart contract on Arbitrum. People seeking respite from high gas costs will flock to the faster & gasless experience on Arbitrum.

No need to manually change RPC to use Arbitrum

Being a seperate chain, users would need to manually change their RPC to interact with dapps on Arbitrum. This can be cumbersome & complicated for most, leading to drop-offs. Imagine a user that wants to try a dapp, but can’t figure out why he/she can’t use it from their metamask interface. They would just leave! With Biconomy, they can easily interact with a dapp on Arbitrum from the same familiar interface they use for dapps on Ethereum! Biconomy handles the complexities under the hood.

Future possibilites: Forward: Pay gas in stablecoins or any token

Dapps can allow users to pay gas in the token of their choice. This way, new users to Abritrum can interact with dapps without the need to buy & hold certain tokens. This would simplify onboarding.

Future possibilites: Hyphen: Instant cross-chain transfers

Moving from various L2s, & even Ethereum base layer, to Arbitrum & back could be a headache. Our latest release (testnet launching soon) will enable almost instant & cheap cross-chain transfers. This will allow Arbutrum to leverage the network & community of other L2 chains.

Arbitrum’s mainnet release is coming!

Arbitrum is one of the major players implementing Optimistic Rollups. As dapps & projects look for L2 scaling solutions, Optimistic Rollups will enable running smart contracts at scale while still being secured by Ethereum. They recently launched their mainnet release candidate — V4 testnet!

The testnet has been in development for months, and is now getting ever closer to mainnet launch. Moreover, it is easy to integrate. The protocol interoperates closely with Ethereum, so Dapp developers can easily cross-compile their Ethereum contracts to run on Arbitrum. They don’t need to rewrite their code or use any custom compilers.

Being an Optimistic Rollup, the transaction cost on Arbitrum will be considerably cheaper than on Ethereum. With the introduction of BLS signatures in the new mainnet release candidate, Dapp developers can now reduce gas costs even further!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as the Biconomy <> Arbitrum partnership matures!

About Arbitrum

Arbitrum is an Optimistic Rollup built to scale Ethereum by Offchain Labs. Arbitrum Rollup can scale any Ethereum contract. It’s the ideal scaling solution for many DeFi apps and any application which is open to public participation. Arbitrum Rollup contracts enjoy the fully trustless security of the underlying blockchain, all while simultaneously increasing the dapp’s capacity and greatly reducing costs.


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