Biconomy Meme Contest — Fight the bear with humor!

Chance to win 300$ every week for the best bear market memes!

Aditya Khanduri
2 min readJun 30, 2022


Bear market is for Builders, but it’s also the season that reaps the best of Crypto memes.

We invite you to join our meme contest to celebrate your steel nerves and keep you afloat until things start looking better again (WAGMI, right?).

The Theme: ‘This is Fine’/Bear market is for BUIDLers!

Let your creative juices out and share your best bear market memes for a chance to win up to 300 $BICO!

The contest will last for two weeks, so you have plenty of time to polish a winner meme. And we will pick winners every week. Also, there is no limit on submissions, so the more inspired you are, the more chances you will have at the big prize (plus, there’s plenty of inspiration on CT!😉)


As mentioned above, the contest will last for a maximum period of two weeks. However, the rewards will be distributed each week. The total reward fund for the entire contest is $1400 in $BICO tokens. The total reward fund for each week is $700 in $BICO tokens.

Reward distribution per week is as follows:

🥇Meme of the week: 300 BICO

🥈Honorable Mentions (4 enteries): 100 BICO


  • Share your meme in the ‘Contest Submissions’ channel on Discord
  • Vote for your favorite memes by reacting with the BICO emoji
  • We will share our favorite memes on Twitter every few days
  • Memes with the most votes (BICO emoji reactions) will win 300 $BICO
  • We will also grant 4 honorable mentions of 100 BICO each every week
  • Voting ends for each round at 0000UTC time on the 4th and 11th

Bear markets are harsh. But as ALWAYS, we will pull through. In the meantime, get roasting, and add some much-deserved $BICO to your bags. Good luck!

You know, This is Fine!



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