Buidl on Biconomy at the Money Legos Hackathon!

Ahmed Al-Balaghi
Mar 30, 2020 · 3 min read

As we are an inch closer to launching our Beta, we are proud to be accelerating the growth of the developer ecosystem, and beyond, by supporting the Money Lego Hackathon.

The 15-day virtual hackathon is taking place entirely online from April 1 — April 15 and aims to bring together developers from across the globe to help build our decentralized future. For the Money Legos Hackathon, the Biconomy team is offering a range of bounty tracks with prizes totaling 60000 INR for hackers who would like to BUIDL on Biconomy.

About Biconomy

At Biconomy, our mission is to make next-generation technologies simple to use. We are building a smart relayer infrastructure network for blockchain transactions that reduces the friction between applications built on the blockchain and the end-users. Biconomy’s relayer network comprises a suite of SDKs and APIs that simplify the DApp development process for developers as well as abstracting many of the blockchain complexities, vastly enhancing the end-user experience for DApps and wallets.


Before we deep dive into bounties, the following docs will help you get a better idea about what we are building and who we are:

We are excited to announce that we will be offering 3 bounty prizes totaling 60,000 INR to be paid out to teams building on Biconomy:

  1. Optimised Gas Management Bot:

Aim: Make a bot to find the optimised gas price needed per transaction on Ethereum and integrate the solution with mexa-sdk.

Useful Links :

2. Subsidized Gas fees:

Aim: Use open staking and DeFi protocols to subsidize the gas cost

Useful links :

3. Open Track:

Aim: Use Biconomy and build some cool use cases. Your creativity will be rewarded.

Few Examples include but not limited to:

  • Use Biconomy’s SDK and build gasless erc20 swaps
  • Build a pluggable widget or a browser extension/add-on — using metamask plugin to make the best UI/UX for signed messages by the user.

Useful Links



Code submission guidelines:

  1. Fork the mexa-sdk github repository.
  2. Create a new branch and create a directory “Examples”
  3. Push your code to your forked repo branch.
  4. Raise a PR on mexa-sdk repo

We encourage everyone should be a part of the community:


Simplifying Web 3 Experiences

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