Minke Integrates Biconomy to Bring a Gasless Bank-like Experience to DeFi!

With Gasless, Minke can now empower its users with frictionless access to Web 3.0!

Aditya Khanduri
2 min readMay 13, 2022


We’re excited to announce that Minke has integrated Biconomy to bring unlimited savings to DeFi!

Minke is on a mission to bring the next 1 billion users to DeFi by constructing the most user-friendly non-custodial wallet. By implementing a gasless user experience inherited from Biconomy’s Gasless, Minke can now empower its users with frictionless access to Web 3.0 and lucrative passive income strategies that were only accessible to a small minority of highly technical users.

Bolstering Value for Minke Users

With inflation sitting at 8.5% — reportedly the highest reading in 40 years and borrowers left to borrow at negative rates in the name of bolstering economies — TradFi is an unsustainable world — to say the least.

Minke comes as a reprieve to users — combining the smooth and straightforward user experience of time-honored traditional banking instruments with the revenue generation capabilities of DeFi!

With Gasless integrated into the wallet, Minke users can make deposits and withdrawals into AAVE and mStable — two of DeFi’s most enterprising lending/borrowing protocols. At Biconomy, we make the tech behind transactions truly invisible, working the magic in the background so our +100 partner dApps, including Minke, can offer an elegant, digestible user experience to their communities.

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About Minke

Minke is a non-custodial DeFi wallet that offers users the best way to save, borrow and invest in DeFi using a mobile interface. Currently, Minke offers saving rates 40 times higher than the biggest banks in TradFi. The wallet is built on top of DeFi’s most enterprising protocols, including AAVE and mStable, allowing users to interact with these protocols in a few clicks by accessing an interest rate of up to 5%. The DeFi mullet is finally here with Minke — they look like your favorite fintech product ion the front, but all the magic of DeFi powers them at the back.

About Biconomy

Biconomy is the multi-chain transaction infrastructure for the next-generation Web 3.0 applications. Through Biconomy’s powerful and easy-to-use APIs, developers can enable a simple and customized user journey so that their end-users don’t get frustrated by blockchain complexities. By solving key pain points at the crypto transactional layer, Biconomy is on a mission to bring the familiarity of web 2.0 to simplify Web 3.0 experiences that will drive mass adoption.

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