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Offer ZERO gas fees on your Dapps!

Nothing ruins the jubilant mood of a crypto rally than high gas prices.

Will 40$ be enough to complete my transaction in time? You keep refreshing Etherscan, hoping against hope somehow your transaction goes through. You start questioning yourself as you stare at your screen. Am I such a miser? Did I just miss the last chance to buy ETH below 1000$? Maybe I should have let the gas be 60$ to at least complete the trade. But then you start cursing the gas fee. Maybe you aren’t a miser after all, and it is acceptable to expect gas to be lower. An hour of emotional rollercoaster later, the transaction is still stuck and the failed trade actually cost you valuable ETH.

And if it is such a nightmare for crypto-crazed people like us, imagine how a new crypto enthusiast eager to dip their toes in DeFi or web3 gaming would feel. Yeah. It takes no Einstein to figure out that high gas will repel users away from your DApp. And they don’t just run away from one specific application, they run away from our whole ecosystem.

Thus, Layer 2 solutions are gaining popularity and we believe will play a very important role in the mass adoption of crypto. After integrating with a couple of applications on matic we have seen the vast improvement in user experience as matic offers both scalability and low gas fees. However, the hassle of procuring crypto to always have matic in your wallet is a pain for everyone.

That’s why we want to pay all gas fees for the users on Matic!

This way you can offer ZERO gas to your users. And delight them so that they love the instant, gasless experience! And the current high gas prices mean this is the right time to address the issues and bottlenecks hindering the mass adoption on blockchain.

A happy user for any Dapp is good news for the whole community. And we want to do our part in making crypto mainstream.

How do you take advantage of this offer?

  • The first thing is of course that the application must be on Matic. If your mainnet is already live, you are eligible. If you are still building your application, you are also eligible.
  • The next thing is to integrate Biconomy. It’s plug-n-play so this will be quick. You can sign up here and register your Dapp. In case you need any help, get in touch with us (Twitter, Telegram, or Discord)
  • The offer is valid till 31st March 2021. So all transactions till then on Matic through Biconomy will be free!



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Aditya Khanduri

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