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Partcipate in building the future of web3.0

Play your part in Biconomy’s governance as we progressively decentralize

We, at Biconomy, are building the infrastructure on which the decentralized internet will run. It’s a huge responsibility and honour that drives us everyday to do our best. We are on a mission to make web3.0 more usable, interoperable & composable.

Over the last couple of years of our journey, we have built various key features and found product market fit. Our relayer infrastructure has grown to 40K+ daily transactions over 70+ dApps, delighting almost a quarter of a million web3.0 users. As we decentralize our multi-chain infrastructure, we launched our token $BICO.

But we know our journey to onboard a billion users to web3.0 through our multi-chain infrastructure has just begun. We have promises to keep, and miles to go before we sleep. Such an epic endeavour needs an epic army. An army that will play their part, contribute to building the future of the internet, and participate in decision making.

So anon, are you ready to be a part of something extraordinary?

Are you doing your part?

Biconomy Governance V1.0

Biconomy has been going through progressive decentralization, both technically and operationally. Our multi-chain relayer protocol will gradually decentralize, being run & maintained by a network of node operators. And we also plan to gradually decentralize our protocol governance to become a community-owned & managed protocol where every token holder has a say in how best we make web3.0 more accessible to the mainstream.

But Rome wasn’t decentralized in a day.

That’s why we too will start small. Involve the community in specific topics in well defined ways. Over time, we will together figure out the best way to maximize impact. DAOs have great promise, but they are not a panacea. They come with their own complications and inefficiencies. Thus, together as a community we need to build the best governance model in the whole of web3.0 land.

Keeping this in mind, we will start with involving the community in these areas:

  • New chains & tokens to support next
  • Feedback on product improvements
  • Growth, business development & marketing ideas
  • More areas of concern will be added in the coming weeks

It’s V1.0 in a long winding road to highly effective decentralized governance.

How to get involved?

There are three key ways to contribute to the governance of the Biconomy protocol:

  • Initiate or participate in forum discussions & community calls
  • Submit a proposal
  • Vote on shortlisted proposals & options

Introducing BICOforum

We encourage and expect Biconauts to open proposals, bring new ideas, and contribute to discussions.

For the same reason, we’re launching Biconomy’s Forum. You can create topics you feel are essential and allow others to discuss those topics on this forum. The larger community can upvote the most important proposals and shine a light on what should be our next steps.

Visit the forum:

You will need to login to share any ideas, comment or vote.

Voting on Proposals

Once some top proposals have been sufficiently discussed & debated, the Biconomy team will add them for all $BCIO token holders to vote on. The voting process will be powered by SnapShot, which means community members can propose and vote on proposals with zero gas fees.

Once the proposal is approved, we will add it to our items on the roadmap!

Governance Process

Step 1 — Initiate a forum topics and gauge community interest.

Step 2 — Once there’s sufficient interest from community, the core team will create a Biconomy Improvement Proposal to formalise this discussion.

Step 3 — Depending upon the need, one or multiple proposals can be discussed on community governance calls.

Step 4 — Then the core team will move the proposal to Snapshot for voting, where Biconomy token holders can vote. Note — Snapshot conducts off-chain voting so no gas will be used.

Step 5 — If the proposal is passed, then the Biconomy team will execute the decision.

— — — — — — — —

Stay tuned, more details will be released soon!



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