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Powering gas free instant swaps on Dfyn exchange

DeFi, and specifically AMMs (Automated Market Makers), have taken the world by storm in 2020! However, this mind boggling growth has caused the Ethereum network to struggle. Gas prices are eye wateringly high and transactions get stuck for hours. To solve these issues, has built the world’s fastest Uniswap-style AMM on Matic’s layer-2 network.

Instant Gasless Swaps

By building on Matic, Dfyn exchange claim their transactions are at least 1,000 times faster than any L1 AMM. On top of that, all the transactions on the Dfyn exchange are completely free! This is powered by Biconomy’s meta-transaction infrastructure. Users don’t even need to hold MATIC tokens for transacting on the Dfyn network.

You can perform swaps in seconds without spending a penny!

This enables seamless, fast, and gas free transactions! Can you imagine tryng to trade tokens or add liquidity to a pool these days without getting ripped off your ETH?! And imagine this transaction goes through in a flash! That’s rarer these days than a weekly red candle #BullRun🚀.

Thus, by integrating Biconomy and building on Matic, DFyn offers a severely improved trading experience. And god knows we all need it! Especially when the whole community is complaining about high prices and looking to explore L2 options.

However, depositing and withdrawing between L1 and L2 is still a massive pain. Thus, Dfyn is using route, a cross-chain liquidity aggregator that aims to seamlessly bridge multiple Layer-1 and Layer-2 protocols. It has launched exclusively on Dfyn, for its Layer-2 launch partner space farm. One key reason is the integration of Biconomy and the instant, gasless transactions. Especially as compared to L1 protocols like Uniswap, early users of Router love the smooth experience that Biconomy enables through Dfyn. This is reflected in the fact that almost 25% of liquidity on the Router platform is locked up in Dfyn.



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