Ready for Quests! Biconomy Rewards Platform V2 is now live!

Get ready to return to the Bicosystem! Rewards Platform V2 is now live with more quests & rewards!

Aditya Khanduri


👋Hello Biconauts,

Back around December of 2021, when the Biconomy Rewards Platform launched, we teased the following:

“Going forward, this NFT-based reward platform will allow Biconauts to level up by participating in contests and completing various tasks! As you level up, your Biconaut NFTs will evolve, which can be redeemed for more perks & rewards!”

We have conceptualized the rewards program as an instrument that unlocks additional earning strategies for $BICO token holders, grows the Bicosystem, and offers an interactive avenue to turbocharge yields and maximize holdings.

Check out the new rewards & quests:

What’s New in V2?

New quests! And many, many more to be added.

Earn XP by completing quests, level up, and win better & exclusive rewards as you level up!

The Quests

You will find all kinds of quests — staking $BICO, becoming Hyphen LPs, being active users of Hyphen & Gasless. And the longer you do these, more XP you will earn and higher will your Biconaut levels!

Going forward we will be adding many more exciting quests:

  • Partner quests with some of our 100+ partners
  • Your community activity on our discord
  • Weekly, monthly contests
  • Biconomy DAO governance
  • Limited edition (one-time) quests

It’s gonna be a web3 adventure as you navigate the fascinating Bicosystem!

We have added several features and quests, along with a gamified dashboard, that will further enhance the time you spend dabbling on your missions. The key motivation is to align rewards with user participation.

Levels and XP

All users have a chance to earn XP for every quest, and keep leveling up to earn attractive rewards. At most levels, you will be able to claim rewards.

We will also release several streak bonuses that boost XP if a user completes the daily actions/quests consecutively!


V2 is more like a reward on nitro mode!

Every quest and rank will unlock different types of rewards. Here’s a teaser of what’s in store for you:

  • Biconaut NFTs
  • $BICO rewards
  • Exclusive merchandise (digital and physical)
  • Perks on partner dApps
  • Access to exclusive discord channels, roles & events

And many more types of rewards will be added!

There’s much to discover about the new platform, so buckle up and prepare to unleash the competitive player in you!

Start your journey now, anon! —


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