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Save ETH by paying DeFi gas in stablecoins — say hello to Forward Swap!

Are you tired of every swap costing you invaluable ETH? Now, swap any token on uniswap & save your ETH by paying gas in stablecoins!

We are on a mission to simplify the web3.0 experience by building it’s inter-chain transaction infrastructure. We took a big step in that direction last month when we launched Biconomy Forward.

Biconomy Forward provides easy APIs for dapps to enable gas payments in ERC20 tokens! Moreover, it ensures the tx never fails, while also optimising the gas fee!

Swap is the first use case built on Biconomy Forward. The decentralized exchange sources its liquidity from Uniswap, but provides the option to pay gas in a variety of stablecoins. This vastly improves the user experience for both crypto newbies & seasoned traders. With forward swap, new DeFi users can quickly onboard and swap tokens without having to buy & own ETH. The necessity to own ETH to pay gas can be a bottleneck for new users. But the biggest issue is that spending ETH as gas is a lost investment.

Forward Swap helps save your ETH

If you spent 100$ ETH as gas between Jan-May 2020, the same amount is now worth 800$–1000$! So you just burnt away 700–900$ in investments. What should have cost you 100$, ended up costing you 1000$. That’s like buying groceries with Tesla Stocks. Not only did you lose your gains as the stock rallied, but the pack of milk you bought also ended up costing you twice as much.

With Forward Swap, users can save their precious ETH investments. Overtime, these ETH savings add up. Check here how much ETH you could have saved if you had been paying gas in stablecoins. You may have a mini heart-attack, but most of us have overspent on gas by 50–60% due to rising ETH prices!

Moreover, Forward Swap helps save gas even further. It ensures no transaction gets stuck & each of them is gas-efficient! We use various tricks to guarantee completed transactions while optimizing gas usage.

Try the testnot now:

To reward early users on testnet & gain feedback, we will run a promotional campaign. Wallets that perform tasks on the Forward Swap testnet before April 15th 2021 are eligible for future Biconomy drops & rewards. Moreover, early adopters that provide the team with feedback will win additional rewards. Stay tuned to our Twitter & Telegram for more details!




Simplifying Web 3 Experiences

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