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Win an ultra rare NFT on Crypto Colosseum!

Complete a few simple tasks, & stand a chance to win an ultra rare ‘The Monocle of Biconomic Insight’ to significantly improve your chances of profiting from a victory!

We are proud to partner with Crypto Colosseum to bring gasless transactions to a game of degenerate gambling and whimsical violence! In the game, the player’s transactions are relayed through Biconomy. Thus, the players find it incredibly easy to get started, bet on tournaments and buy items.

NFT Giveaway Details

To celebrate this partnership, the amazing folks at Crypto Colosseum are offering an epic giveaway! You can win the ultra rare ‘The Monocle of Biconomic Insight’.

It is one of only FIVE ultra rare items released on CryptoColosseum to date. Rares are available on the market place but ultra-rare are only issued as a special release! They are highly collectible & very powerful items. Use it to boost your gladiator, place your bets, & profit from signficantly enhanced chances of victory!

Here’s how to enter the lucky draw:

  1. Place 1 bet in the Arena:
  2. Follow @Biconomy & @CryptoColosseum on Twitter
  3. Re-tweet — with a screenshot of your bet
  4. Message the link to your retweet on Crypto Colosseum discord channel:

And that’s it! You will enter the draw. We will then randomly pick one winner. However, we will check if you have performed all the above tasks so make sure you don’t miss out on any of them.

About the Monocle of Biconomic Insight

One really cool thing about Crypto Colosseum is that they use AI (GPT-3) to write the tales & fables of this universe! So what do our AI overlords think about the Monocle of Biconomic Insight?

“The Monocle of Biconomic Insights has had a long and storied history that only those in the know can fully grasp the significance of. The story begins in 362 PBC (PostBitCoin). The Monocle of Biconomic Insights has helped raise and destroy heros with its intense properties and the insights it brings though it is ever so fragile.

It was brought to an Olympic-level game of ping pong by members of a revolutionary organization called the Ping Pong Assassins. It was incorporated into their uniform in resistance to an encroaching administration who wanted to make work compulsory. To this day, members of the organization only serve one term to uphold a legacy started by those enlightened as children, the first born on earth; for they bring life to all and are without beginning or end.

Items with great rarity, like the Monocle of Biconomic Insights are worn by gladiators who only know the strength of wearing this weapon. It was found a month ago and is currently on the market for a hefty sum, but that does not matter if you need it to help you win a big tournament.”

Sounds intriguing! Fancy a little whimsical violence? A little degenerate gambling? Join us in the Arena:




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