Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh by Bicycle

Last year I rode 589 miles from Barcelona, Spain to San Remo, Italy. It was one of the most challenging and rewarding things I’ve ever done and this year I wanted to see if I could outdo myself. That’s why I’m heading to Vietnam in a couple of weeks to ride almost 1,100 miles from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. This time will be a little different as I’ll be joined by my friend and Wealthfront colleague, Keith Mi Yeung. It will also be a much flatter route than my European adventure but the Vietnamese coast still promises to provide plenty of beautiful scenery.

I’m hoping for lots of this kind of thing

The Data

  • Time: 11 days (Dec 20–Dec 30)
  • Moving time: 67 hours, 45 minutes (est.)
  • Distance: 1,051 miles (1,691 km)
  • Elevation: 17,872 feet (5,447 m)
  • Cities: 11
  • Average Speed: 17.0 mph (est.)
  • Average Power: 150 watts (est.)
  • Calories : 33,700 (est.) (according to MyFitnessPal that’s 58 bahn mi)
  • Weather: low — 59F, high — 86F (est.)

The Route

Based on other people’s accounts of similar bike trips through Vietnam, you can choose one of two routes to ride from Hanoi down to Ho Chi Minh City. The first is through the middle of the country and is very hilly and quite remote. The second is along the coast and is mostly flat as a pancake and is peppered with hotels and resorts. Given that we are already covering over 1,000 miles in just 11 days, we decided to forgo the added challenge of the elevation and follow the ocean. Here’s the entire route.


And here are our 10 days of riding:

Hanoi to Thanh Hóa — 12/20/16 | 104 miles

Thanh Hóa to Ha Tinh —12/21/16 | 115 miles

Ha Tinh to Dong Hoi — 12/22/16 | 93 miles

Dong Hoi to Hue — 12/23/16 | 103 miles

Hue to Tam Hai — 12/24/16 | 119 miles

Christmas Day in Tam Hai — 12/25/16 | 0 miles

White (sand) Christmas

Tam Hai to Quy Nhon —12/26/16 | 144 miles

Quy Nhon to Nha Trang — 12/27/16 | 127 miles

Nha Trang to Phan Rang — 12/28/16 | 59 miles

Phan Rang to Phan Thiet — 12/29/16 | 88 miles

Phan Thiet to Ho Chi Minh — 12/30/16 | 121 miles

Other Stuff

If you’re into this sort of thing you can follow our progress on Instagram, Snapchat and, of course, Strava. And I’ll be sure to post a recap here on Medium when it’s all over.

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