Bicycles are fun.

Words and ideas about bikes.

Who Rides LA

LA’s Finest Cyclists

As Los Angeles is changing into a city that caters to the bicycling community, I was able to discover that there are more people who…

A Tribute to my Adventures with a 1982/Vintage Schwinn Deluxe Varsity Bike

Last summer, I bought a vintage Schwinn bike to see if I liked riding a bike. It was love at first sight…

Slow Go

Select the transit mode that gets you there — Eventually

I like maxim’s to live by. They provide structure, form, and meaning, to our everyday tasks. I have a new one that’s been boiling up for a year or so now. Slow Go.

Slow Go means wherever I have to go, I get there the slowest practical way. I have never been enamored of speed; fast…

Hot Springs, Mountain Bikes, Dehydration, and Sagebrush

Bikepacking the remote Hart Mountain and Sheldon Antelope Refuge

Bikes Need Spring Cleaning, Too

Literary Adventurist — Traci Macnamara

I always know that spring has sprung when I see the first cyclists out on the road. I live…

Anatomy of a crash

On the risk and the thrill of racing bikes

The trauma center at Lutheran Hospital, in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, has the highest possible classification: one out of four. That’s kind prepared to treat people who have been in major car accidents, people with gunshot wounds, and me, the bike racer who got pushed into a metal barricade at 22 mph at the…

Finding Gravel by Bike in the Columbia River Gorge

July, 2012

Hirabai Dreams of a Complete Education

Biking the way to education

Hirabai began walking to school when she was 6 years old. The 2-mile journey from her home in…

Bicycling in Los Angeles*

*On The Strand

99.9% of Los Angeles is hellish for bicyclists, but its 22-mile bike trail along the ocean is awesome:

Orange Bike

After several months of mourning the loss of green bike, Alex decided it was time to get a new one. He didn’t really want another $20 bike, but he didn’t want a top of the line bike…

Building my fixie — Part III

The finale

At the end of Part II, I had the drivetrain assembled. Shipping issues had kept the headset and seat post delayed until yesterday…

Why Don’t People Bike to Work

Debunking the Excuses

When I ask my non-bicycle-riding coworkers why they don’t bike to work, I get a myriad of “reasons…

Building my fixie - Part II

First Part of the Build

Due to shipping issues, some components will not show up until next week. Instead of waiting for them to start…

Building my fixie - Part I

BYOB (Build Your Own Bike)

I decided to build my own fixie right before my crash. The crash actually gave me some time to find the parts I…

Lonely Summer Roads

I could have stayed home. I could have just watched the same shit
thats on the TV in the afternoon. I could have also delved deeper into
my growing wasabi almond addiction…

Midnight Ride in North Bay

Exploring well-traveled places at an untraveled time

Blame it on my fear of large groups or just call me a jerk, but I’m not a fan of…

We are potential engines

You get out exactly what you put in.

I love to ride bikes because it is one of those things where you get out exactly what you put in. You…

Una settimana di spostamenti in bici a Roma… le prime impressioni.

In sintesi: ci sono meno problemi di quel che pensi.

Two things that Rome should steal from New York and London

The congestion charge reduced London traffic in the central zone by 30%, but will the new major of Rome be so brave to adopt such an impopolar measure?

At the time of writing this post, Rome has just elected his new major: Ignazio Marino. During his campaign we saw a lot about…

Natural and man-made ‘water features’ of Milton Keynes

One of the greatest pleasures to be had when riding a bicycle after some heavy rain - quite apart from the fact that it has indeed…

Bicycles are fun.
Bicycles are fun.

Words and ideas about bikes.

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