Bicycles are fun.

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Who Rides LA

LA’s Finest Cyclists

As Los Angeles is changing into a city that caters to the bicycling community, I was able to discover that there are more people who…

A Tribute to my Adventures with a 1982/Vintage Schwinn Deluxe Varsity Bike 

Last summer, I bought a vintage Schwinn bike to see if I liked riding a bike. It was love at first sight…

Slow Go

Select the transit mode that gets you there — Eventually

I like maxim’s to live by. They provide structure, form, and meaning, to our everyday tasks. I have a new one that’s been boiling up for a year or so now. Slow Go.

Slow Go means wherever I have to go, I get there the slowest practical way. I have never been enamored of speed; fast…

Hot Springs, Mountain Bikes, Dehydration, and Sagebrush

Bikepacking the remote Hart Mountain and Sheldon Antelope Refuge

Bikes Need Spring Cleaning, Too

Literary Adventurist — Traci Macnamara

I always know that spring has sprung when I see the first cyclists out on the road. I live…

Anatomy of a crash

On the risk and the thrill of racing bikes

The trauma center at Lutheran Hospital, in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, has the highest possible classification: one out of four. That’s kind prepared to treat people who have been in major car accidents, people with gunshot wounds, and me, the bike racer who got pushed into a metal barricade at 22 mph at the…

Finding Gravel by Bike in the Columbia River Gorge

July, 2012

Hirabai Dreams of a Complete Education

Biking the way to education

Hirabai began walking to school when she was 6 years old. The 2-mile journey from her home in…

Bicycling in Los Angeles*

*On The Strand

99.9% of Los Angeles is hellish for bicyclists, but its 22-mile bike trail along the ocean is awesome:

Orange Bike

After several months of mourning the loss of green bike, Alex decided it was time to get a new one. He didn’t really want another $20 bike, but he didn’t want a top of the line bike…

Building my fixie — Part III

The finale

At the end of Part II, I had the drivetrain assembled. Shipping issues had kept the headset and seat post delayed until yesterday…

Why Don’t People Bike to Work

Debunking the Excuses

When I ask my non-bicycle-riding coworkers why they don’t bike to work, I get a myriad of “reasons…

Building my fixie - Part II

First Part of the Build

Due to shipping issues, some components will not show up until next week. Instead of waiting for them to start…

Building my fixie - Part I

BYOB (Build Your Own Bike)

I decided to build my own fixie right before my crash. The crash actually gave me some time to find the parts I…

Lonely Summer Roads

I could have stayed home. I could have just watched the same shit
thats on the TV in the afternoon. I could have also delved deeper into
my growing wasabi almond addiction…

Midnight Ride in North Bay

Exploring well-traveled places at an untraveled time

Blame it on my fear of large groups or just call me a jerk, but I’m not a fan of…

We are potential engines

You get out exactly what you put in.

I love to ride bikes because it is one of those things where you get out exactly what you put in. You…

Una settimana di spostamenti in bici a Roma… le prime impressioni.

In sintesi: ci sono meno problemi di quel che pensi.

Two things that Rome should steal from New York and London

The congestion charge reduced London traffic in the central zone by 30%, but will the new major of Rome be so brave to adopt such an impopolar measure?

At the time of writing this post, Rome has just elected his new major: Ignazio Marino. During his campaign we saw a lot about…

Natural and man-made ‘water features’ of Milton Keynes

One of the greatest pleasures to be had when riding a bicycle after some heavy rain - quite apart from the fact that it has indeed…

First thoughts on CitiBike

CitiBike only started yesterday, but I tried it out (of course) and can report back:

Don’t worry about safety. I wore a helmet, many people won…

I don’t know anything about bicycles

Biking is not difficult. That’s why whenever people want to describe how easy something is, they say “It’s just like riding a bike.

It hasn’t made me any faster.

I think it’s important to remember although it’s very nice to have super nice things, and probably natural to think “If I get some fancy

Free to a good home.

A few months ago, I found a bike leaning up against a light post nearby to my house. It had a sign over the top tube saying - free to a good home.

Bikes saved me (and you).

It’s hard to describe exactly how or even exactly when, but bikes saved me.

Bicycles are fun.
Bicycles are fun.

Words and ideas about bikes.

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