Bidao August Update: A new era begins

Bidao Smart Chain
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2 min readAug 30, 2022


Dear Bidao Warriors 👐

The Bidao team is constantly working on the Bidao ecosystem. Bear markets can be quite brutal, but bear markets are the perfect time to build and optimize. In the last bear market a similar meme like HODL was created, called BUIDL. This “BUIDL” means that the best strategy is to always keep on building, regardless of the market sentiment. This bear market will end one day (like the bear markets before) and our goal is to be stronger than ever, once this bear market ends. So we are constantly looking how to expand the Bidao ecosystem.

Recently Bidao acquired a coin tracking application. We are still working on the coin tracking application, but the final version should be released very soon. The coin tracking application does not save any data from the users, so you could call it a privacy coin tracking application. The goal of Bidao always has been to create a Defi ecosystem. We think a coin tracking application is a great tool to onboard new users to the Bidao ecosystem.

We are also working on our corporate identity. We will change our color code to yellow, which is more popular in the crypto community (BSC, etc.). Also, Bidao will be rebranded to Bi2dao. The “2” is just a visual representation of “Bi” and should symbolize that Bidao is entering a new era. Of course we are still called the “Bidao Warriors” 😃.

The main website will also move to “” which is much shorter and a .com domain name.

The team is busy building and we are looking forward to a bright Bidao future 🌟

Please stay tuned as more information will follow…