How to survive an office refurbishment without going crazy by the end of the week.

At we are under refurbishment!! In a few months, both the office and the building in which we are located will look better than ever. Even so, a serious existential dilemma has been wandering around the office for days (specifically, since the beginning of the refurbishment), which is as follows: if you spend practically more time in your office than in your home, what should you do to deal with those noises of hammers, saws and electric screwdrivers that end up piercing your head and make you feel as if Fridays were Mondays.

Yes, we know. We do know that this is a reality that must be taken on joyfully, but as they say, no pain, no gain. Therefore, with loads of humor and imagination, we’ve put together a list of 7 recommendations, tips, suggestions, call it whatever you want, to survive the chaos of working in an office during a refurbishment.

1. Sense of humor

Sounds typical, but it’s true. Without sense of humor you will hardly survive. We know that it’s horrible to have a Skype meeting while you hear the noise of a hammer in the background, or worse, you are trying to close a contract and you hear nothing but a worker shouting to his partner who is on the top of the scaffolding. However, we are human, and these things happen everywhere. So smile and take it easy, because the people on the other side of the screen have also gone through these kinds of situations too.

2. Make friends with the workers

We are sure, especially in the first days, that the concept of friendship will be in the -5 position on a scale of 1 to 10. However, we assure you that over the course of days, that ranking will gradually rise to the point of showing a certain affection. From our own experience, it’s better that way, since you’re going to share the office with them for a long time and you never know when you’re going to need a break because you have a meeting or an important business to attend at the office.

3. Use Spotify and YouTube

Spotify, YouTube, your mobile, an MP4 or any device that plays music. Anything goes. They will become your saviors at the most critical times of the day. So, have your favorite music on hand or feel free to discover new artists or genres because the party has just begun ;)

4. Coffee or tea

Other great allies will be coffee or tea. When you feel that your head is about to explode, have a good coffee or tea. They will give you the superpower you need to cope with the situation.

5. Siesta, why not?

We confess, we love siesta. And we’re loving it even more during the refurbishment. So, lie on a sofa, a hammock, a chair or even on the ground because you will need it. One tip: take advantage of the workers’ breaks, you will sleep much better.

6. Noisy environments also have their advantages

Take the opportunity to tell your partner what you don’t want the boss to hear. Never fails ;) All joking aside, take advantage of the loud noises to take a break, walk around the office or talk to your peers. Surely, you’ll go back to work with energy and a better attitude.

7. Never trust the completion date in construction contracts

Everybody knows that the odyssey of the refurbishments has a start date and an end date, and it’s the latter that makes us have faith. Days, weeks, months go by, and little by little you see that the deadline is approaching… But when you are 8 days away from the end, someone knocks the door, it’s one of the workers, and he tells you what you never wanted to hear: “sorry, the refurbishment works will be extended for a few more weeks”. It is here, when you put into practice the tip number 1, face the situation with strong doses of good humor and you answer with a “don’t worry, it’s ok…”, ending the conversation in a friendly way. In the office, the world seems to have stopped, but a good coffee fixes everything. So, a coffee on one hand and a croissant on the other, play some music, enjoy the moment, and remember the tips that we just shared with you. We have no choice, so bon appetit!

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