Banks need some serious heart surgery! TEDx talk from bidx founder Thierry Sanders

Thierry Sanders, son of a banker and founder of bidx, talks on TEDx Haarlem about how technological innovations revolutionize credit accessibility for small entrepreneurs all over the world.

Thierry Sanders

Thierry Sanders, founder of BiD Network Foundation, bidx and CEO of Mekar PT

Thierry Sanders is 48 years old. In those years he has moved 26 times in 12 countries. That is 1 relocation per 2 years. You’d think the guy would be nuts as a result, but it has made him calm, determined and flexible. His motto is: “Life is too short to do boring things”.

So he tends to pick up ambitious stuff to do, like devise an alternative for the banking system. Devising though is for sissies, the proof of the pudding is in the eating! He is about to embark on this adventure to Indonesia.

Over the last 10 years Thierry has been tinkering at how to find alternatives to bank finance to get small businesses financed. He organised many of the world’s first business plan competitions, set up angel investor networks in emerging markets, he advised Obama’s administration on business finance in Muslim countries and grew the largest online investor community for emerging market businesses. But the scale is still too small, his next challenge is not to devise alternatives for bank finance, but to devise an alternative for banking itself. He is determined to do this in the world’s fourth largest country, with the largest geographical spread… but then again he may be doing it to pester his father, who was a banker.

(original text from TEDx Haarlem)

Originally published at on June 8, 2015.

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