#19 Referendum Proposal | Bifrost mainnet v0.9.12 upgrade, online vsBond market



Opening of the vsBond market

Proposal on the chain

  • Voting period: #905,364
  • Execution Period: #908,464
  • Execution:parachainSystem.authorizeUpgrade(0x7ec37df862adfdf5ce379278948646c8ce1920549fe8661bf6e44b252a287edb
  • Proposal Preimage:0x98f237b0e96a934da5c59608e1ba1ba67ecee747f9cdd0734c563c34fde74283
  • Proposal Hash: 0x98f237b0e96a934da5c59608e1ba1ba67ecee747f9cdd0734c563c34fde74283

What is Bifrost?



Bifrost is DeFi project for PoS tokens, that include staking and liquidity both. You can get vToken for operations + staking reward from the Day 1 of nomination.

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