Bifrost August Monthly Report

Technological Developments

  • Upgrade the dependent library to polkadot-v0.9.26
  • Biforst-k-rococo runtime launched
  • Support the new version of flexible fee
  • Upgrade parachain staking module
  • Add weight generated by benchmark to each module
  • Add RPC interface of Polkadot runtime
  • Update Asset Registry pallet
  • vsDOT migration support
  • vDOT/vGLMR support
  • Bifrost Polkadot online business pallet
  • Benchmark improvement
  • Launch Rainbow Boost 3.0
  • New vETH connection error boot pop-up
  • Dapp transaction overall support
  • Support Bifrost Polkadot parachain network


  • The cumulative TVM of vKSM has exceeded 217,000 KSM, the development and testing of vDOT have been completed, and the SLP module has been deployed to the Bifrost Polkadot parachain. The full function is expected to be officially launched in mid September.
  • The SALP-Lite module has been successfully migrated to Bifrost Polkadot network, the multi sign agent contribution mode has been replaced by the automatic process of XCM cross chain contribution, and the Bifrost SALP module has successfully realized the decentralized Crowdloan derivative minting of the two networks.
  • Zenlink and Bifrost carried out in-depth integration and cooperation. Zenlink launched the first Substarte Hybird AMM Pallet to provide a stable currency trading curve for Substate assets. This module will be deployed in Bifrost Kusama network for the first time. vKSM/KSM pair may become the first use case of hybrid AMM.
  • Dapp version is upgraded to 1.3.4, and Bifrost Kusama / Polkadot network switching function is added; Users can now query the complete chain transaction history through “Wallet-History”.
  • Bifrost is promoting leaker adaptation of two parachains of Bifrost Kusama and Bifrost Polkadot, and will soon support dual network adaptation using the same address format.


  • On August 8, rainbow boost 3.0 was launched. during the 15 day event, 8275 addresses participated in raindrop points collection. 52,235 vKSM were mint, and 179,020,021 Raindrop points were distributed. More reviews: Bifrost Loyalty Program Rainbow Boost 3.0 Highlight Review
  • On August 11, Polkawarriors and Bifrost jointly hosted a community sharing session on the occasion of the second round of Kusama Crowdloan unlocking, inviting Calamari, Basilisk, Heiko and Kintsugi to share the current development after the 2nd batch of Kusama crowdloan auction.
  • On August 20, Bifrost and Blockdaemon reached a cooperation. Blockdaemon will provide high-quality and stable Kusama validator service for the first liquid derivative asset vKSM after Bifrost SALP was released.
  • On August 30, Bifrost Council member Tyrone participated in the Twitter Space Polkadot Deep Dive theme sharing held by subwallet and DFG, and discussed the development of Polkadot ecology with people from Parity, Moonbeam, Astar and RMRK
  • On August 30, with the continuous opening of HRMP between Bifrost and other parachain projects, Bifrost released an article on cross chain and transfer, telling users how to distinguish between cross chain and transfer through graphic tutorials.



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