Bifrost October Monthly Report

Technological Developments

  • Remove transactional macro from runtime
  • Remove sudo pallet from Bifrost-polkadot runtime, meanwhile add council members to take over the chain governance
  • add docker-image to release.yml
  • Fix a bug caused by removing transactional macro in the last release
  • Upgraded vesting runtime pallet to add new functionalities
  • Added vFIL agent to SLP pallet to support FIL token staking
  • Added Zenlink Stable AMM pallet to Bifrost-kusama runtime
  • Refined integration tests, and updated benchmarking code for Asset Registry pallet
  • Updated Dashboard cards to display more useful information
  • Added vToken yield analysis panel (revenue composition is clearer and real-time tracking of vToken yield performance)
  • Optimize vETH wallet connection logic
  • vToken minting & redemption supports bidirectional input (more convenient operation)
  • vToken price curve table display optimization
  • Farming card display logic optimization
  • Updated vETH earnings display


  • The Bifrost Dapp v1.5.0 version has been updated, and the visualization function of the existing front-end interface has been optimized on a large scale, which is convenient for users to quickly and efficiently understand the information of each section and complete the operation accurately.
  • vETH has updated the latest staking APY, adding MEV and GAS rewards based on the original ETH Staking reward column, which can be viewed at
  • The Leager wallet has completed the integration of Bifrost Dapp, and users can now use the developer mode to configure and connect the Leager wallet on Configuration documentation:


  • On October 12, Bifrost published an article ETH Staking to Unleash Liquid Staking Potential, and the potential of liquid staking is unlimited. From PoS and Staking to merger and liquid staking, it can be said that the smooth development of liquid staking will become the driving force for the development of Ethereum under the PoS mechanism, effectively improving the The security and flexibility of the network, deepening the degree of decentralization, enriching ecological application scenarios, and opening up more new business models.
  • On October 18th, Ledger has supported Bifrost in development mode, the final adjustment is still in progress, welcome to report any bugs to us.
  • On October 25th, MEXC and have supported the BNC deposit and withdrawal function of the Bifrost Polkadot parachain network. Users can complete the transfer of BNC between the Bifrost Kusama parachain and the Bifrost Polkadot parachain through MEXC and Gate operations.
  • On October 25th, Coinbase Cloud will support Bifrost in achieving its cross-chain liquidity goals with its professional decentralized solution. Coinbase Cloud will provide high returns and stable Polkadot validators to support liquid DOT-vDOT.
  • On October 26th, we announced the latest progress of Back to Asgard NFT, and our creative partner SFY handed us Odin, Thor and Loki appearances and equipment shows. In the future we plan to integrate RMRK Pallet on the mainnet to make NFTs on the Bifrost network liquid. This integration will also allow NFTs to be combined with DeFi gameplay.
  • On October 28th, Bifrost completed the Dashboard update of this week, the vToken function, the vETH wallet connection logic and the Farming card sorting and filtering logic, etc. Welcome to experience it!



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