Bifrost SALP and DEX Modules Coming to Asgard CC4 for Public Beta Testing | Weekly Report 59



Bifrost Node

  • SALP module integrates with Bancor algorithm to automatically repurchase or reserve vsToken
  • SALP code review & process testing, new vsBond Auction functionality
    Grafana & Prometheus domain configuration
  • Bifrost parachain collator deployment
  • Bifrost docker image creation (v0.8.0)
  • SALP integration testing Setup and process validation (Token exchange vsToken)
  • Refinement of Bifrost Crowdloan automatic Contribute logic
  • Launch Bifrost Genesis, synchronize Kusama chain data
  • Asgard CC4 network set up Zenlink AMM test transaction pool
  • Add transaction slippage support
  • Complete testing/upgrade of Bifrost JS

Bifrost Dapp & Dashboard

  • polkadot.js Asgard CC4 types / logo / color update
  • Adaptation of updated API, rewrite of custom asset dropdown column
  • API call issue due to Part of Bifrost type issue
  • Dapp inline compilation issues
  • Swap API follow up and testing
  • Fix Dapp address error, BNC Voucher data display
  • Add callback function to Dapp transaction process to update local UI or data based on successful or failed transactions
  • Add Unsubscribe to Swap API to make Token data update automatically and accept data on the chain automatically.
  • All Swap APIs are docked
  • vsBond API interfacing

vsKSM Mint Drop

  • Scrolling Logo spacing is small
  • The mobile multi-signature pop-up window is not limited in height and cannot be closed.
  • The overall layout of the mobile end of the head is optimized and can be adapted according to the new design.
  • The ICON for jumping to other channels on the mobile side is too large
  • Mobile history table can be adapted to the latest design
  • Add Chinese text for multi-signature description
  • KSM Crowdloan history total chart
  • Mobile scrolling logo overlap at the end of recycle
  • Address line feed problem


  • On June 23rd, Bifrost co-founder Lurpis was invited to participate in the 114th edition of the LiChang Community Live to give an in-depth explanation of the latest progress of Kusama Parachain Slot Auction. The live broadcast gave detailed answers from the impact of the general market environment to the competition between project auctions and the way ordinary users can participate, details:
  • On June 24, Bifrost’s rules and rewards part of press conference video has been uploaded to Youtube, newcomers who need a tutorial guide can click here.
  • On June 24, the Bifrost Crowdloan slot bidding video tutorial was also updated on the Bifrost public website, providing a more intuitive understanding of how to participate in the Bifrost Crowdloan KSM voting via the Kusama mainnet from the PC. For every 1 KSM voted or mint, you will receive at least 11 BNC bonus and 5% extra for inviting friends.
  • On June 25, Bifrost Risk Control Series III: Multi-level risk prevention and control measures for capital security was released. bifrost has designed corresponding risk control measures from multiple levels and multiple levels, sharing security through parallel chains to ensure the security of the various derivative assets carried.

What is Bifrost?

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