Integration of DeFi and Stacking. This is a breakthrough for PoS chains.

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Solution: ‘shadow’ token

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The pros and cons of Staking + DeFi derivative design

  1. Native class (the concept of credentials proposed by Sunny of Cosmos);
  2. Non-native classes (more mainstream, including Stafi/Bifrost/Acala/Everett, etc.);
  3. Synthetic (derivative design, pledged interest swap contract synthesized by both parties);
  4. Custody (a securitized product in which a centralized institution controls the issuance of pledged assets by a private key).
  1. Pursue a primitive design that is easy to use and still retains the governance rights for the token holder;
  2. Pursue non-native designs that cross PoS networks but may require stricter security risk control.

What is Bifrost



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