Monthly Report | Bifrost Rainbow Boost 5.0 campaign lead to a TVL increase, surpassing $63.4M


Dapp 1.7.1

  • Launch Mangata asset cross-chain
  • SALP adds an opening countdown
  • Optimize the main navigation and store some low-frequency functions

Dapp 1.7.2

  • The vToken comprehensive income algorithm is optimized, and the display is more in line with the real income
  • Added the second confirmation of asset transfer to avoid misoperation
  • Add a prompt to distinguish between the two Bifrost networks when BNC transfers
  • The Dashboard asset icon no longer displays the LP token display more concisely
  • Launch the Rainbow Boost 5.0 campaign
  • Integrate MOVR & GLMR to directly connect to the wallet for asset transfer


  • In terms of liquid derivatives, the total value locked of vDOT exceeded $2,000,000; the total minted volume (TVM) of vGLMR exceeded 1,000,000. Total Bifrost TVL this month: $63,450,483.
  • Bifrost Dapp has added a $MOVR one-stop cross-chain function. Users can directly operate $MOVR cross-in and cross-out in Bifrost Wallet, without connecting to the Moonriver App to have cross-chain operations to Bifrost.
  • The XCM-Action module has completed the first local testing phase and can support the remote vToken minting and Swap from Pallet to EVM contract. The vToken redemption function will be added in subsequent versions.
  • MangataX DEX has launched the vKSM-KSM liquidity pool. Users can operate cross-chain in Bifrost Dapp Wallet, provide liquidity in MangataX and participate in Farming. Tutorial reference:
  • Bifrost is conducting a back-end joint debugging test of vFIL (Voucher Filecoin) with Filecoin Storage Provider; Bifrost Dapp is conducting a production test on the address binding between Substrate and Filecoin. Full functionality will be released simultaneously with vFIL.


  • On February 3rd and February 6th, the vsKSM/KSM and vKSM/KSM farming pools were listed on Mangata DEX, which benefited from the expansion of the vToken group. Currently, farming is still in progress, and users who hold vKSM and vsKSM can participate
  • On February 3, Rainbow Boost 5.0 was launched.
    The 28-day minting incentive campaign will end on March 3. There are only 2 days left for the event to end. After the end of the it, users will no longer be able to get raindrops from minting. The BNC reward ranking will be snapshotted at 10 am on March 3 UTC time.
  • On February 13, since the 3rd round of vsToken(BNC) governance redemption, we received 1 governance redemption request. This governance will destroy the vsToken of the corresponding address, and transfer the corresponding amount of KSM from the vault to the corresponding destruction address.
  • On February 15th, Bifrost released the NFT Back To Asgard roadmap. The Back to Asgard NFT website is expected to launch in early April. At that time, users can check the status of their NFT whitelist through the website.
  • On February 24, the HRMP channel between Bifrost and Equilibrium was opened on the Polkadot ecosystem. In the future, the on-chain assets of both parties will soon be cross-chain on the two parachains.