Bifrost — DeFi for PoS. Project Overview.

Bifrost is the DeFi project for PoS tokens, that include staking and liquidity both. It allows to get vToken for operations and delivering liquidity, plus you got staking rewards all the time your DOT, KSM,EOS or other token blocked by the smart-contract. You get reward from the Day 1 of nomination, without locking periods and can change your, for example, vKSM for KSM any time.

Bifrost is a Polkadot Parachain candidate. It was granted by Web3 Foundation and also is a member of the Substrate Builder Program. It’s easy to convert the PoS Token to vToken by using the Bifrost at any time to obtain Staking Reward and Liquidity. For example, KSM-vKSM, DOT-vDOT. You can use Staking reward and liquidity reward scenarios for risk hedging, double reward, and staking leverage. For different projects or people, Bifrost will also provide different functions.

Users — Risk hedging of locking period during Staking.

DeFi — You can get Staking reward and reward for providing liquidity.

Cross-chain — Realize the transition of staking rewards cross-chain.

At this phase , Bifrost has launched the pre-production network Asgard CC1 (Candidate chain 1), supports EOS Jungle Testnet cross-chain transfer and Node Running. The data shows that the nodes came from 7 countries, and a total of 1,176 nodes participated in the operation, with a total running time of 5,301,549 minutes. At the peak of activity, there were 890 online nodes at the same time, climbing to the top of the number of Telemetry nodes.


Bifrost Official Website

Bifrost Wiki

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