Rococo v1 tested locally and successfully produced blocks, Weekly Report 38


  • Rococo v1 tested locally and successfully produced blocks.
  • The Ethereum BatchDeposit mainnet was deployed and the first deposit operation was officially completed.
  • ETH 2.0 Deposit multisig parties joint tested.
  • IOST Bridge trade module development
  • The Ethereum blockchain transaction synchronization service was online.
  • vETH liquidation monitoring robot deployment.
  • vETH Liquidity Drop page development.
  • vETH Staking Rewards Claim Contract Test
  • Rewards for completing Mint Drop issued in the form of mainnet vouchers in the Bifrost Asgard network.
  • Adjusted and optimized the Graphql interface, and the front end completed the docking.
  • Optimized Mogodb query logic to solve the crash problem.
  • vETH Uniswap fast transaction function was online.
  • 16 detailed optimizations such as front-end mobile terminal adaptation and letters adjustment


  • On December 30th, Lurpis, the co-founder of Bifrost, attended the 2030 Blockchain Innovator Cloud Summit hosted by BiBi NEWS. Through “insights” and “talks”, talked about the changes in the industry over the past ten years, and anticipated future development. Litentry, Phala and Zenlink shared topics related to Polkadot Parachain Slot Auctions. Lurpis predicts that the cost of parachain slot leasing for one year is between $ 6.9 million and $ 32.2 million.
  • On December 30, Bifrost and Zenlink reached a cooperation to jointly promote the ecological development of Polkadot. The two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation with DEX around Polkadot Staking liquidity, including providing technical support, community cooperation, ecological construction, and market expansion. In addition, Bifrost will explore cooperation with Zenlink on Rococo V1 and optimize the vToken trading function by integrating Zenlink DEX module.
  • On January 1st of the New Year, statistics and releases Bifrost’s report on product development, community building, document building, and marketing activities for a full year in 2020. By reviewing the 2020 Roadmap and looking forward to the new journey in 2021, the article showed the Bifrost community the annual summary of Bifrost and the future planning for 2021.
  • On January 1st of the New Year, the live broadcast hosted by Happy Block invites Bifrost and Hashkey Hub to participate in the stream. Bifrost co-founder Lurpis shared the current development status of the project and the summary of the past year, and talked about future prospects, introduced the steps and procedures of the Polkadot Parachain going online.

What is Bifrost ?

Bifrost is a Polkadot Ecosystem DeFi infrastructure protocol that aims to become an infrastructure for providing Staking liquidity, and currently offers a derivative vToken for Staking and Polkadot Lease Offering (PLO). It is also a member of the Substrate Builders Program and Web3 Bootcamp. vToken can optimise transactions in multiple scenarios such as DeFi, DApp, DEX and CEX.

vToken can optimise transactions in multiple scenarios such as DeFi, DApp, DEX and CEX. vToken can be used to realise the transfer channel of governance right such as Staking and PLO to hedge the risk of Staking assets. In extended scenarios such as when vToken is used as collateral for lending, the staking proceeds can offset part of the interest and realise low-interest lending.




Bifrost is DeFi project for PoS tokens, that include staking and liquidity both. You can get vToken for operations + staking reward from the Day 1 of nomination.

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Bifrost Finance

Bifrost Finance

Bifrost Finance is a parachain designed for staking’s liquidity

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