Step-by-Step Validator guide for Asgard CC3 reward program

This is a step-by-step guide for running a node on Bifrost Asgard CC3 Testnet and applying for a validator seat during the campaign. Following the Bifrost CC2 Incentive Testnet on July 21, the Bifrost Asgard CC3 Testnet launched on September 24.

Note: setting up a node requires a certain Linux background, please be familiar with the nodes and computer knowledge before participating. It is not recommended for novice computer users.

Need support:

Create a BNC wallet

You need to have a BNC address to take part in this program.

1/ Go to
It can take some time before the dashboard is connected to Bifrost Testnet.
When you see a blue header, you are ready to go!

2/ Click on: Accounts | Accounts
3/ On the left you can ‘Add account

4/ A form pops-up. Choose a name and password. The most important part of this form is your mnemonic seed! Write this down, take a screenshot, … just don’t lose it.
5/ Click on ‘Next’ and ‘Save’. Store your *.json file somewhere on your computer, cloud, … In case you lose your mnemonic seed you can always restore your account with this file.
6/ Locate your BNC address, click on your BNC wallet name. Double click on your address and copy it to your clipboard. In this case: dE3UYB34ULriLBv6eB9hym3Cb7HAKW219rKWRsoQJzzbwky

7/ Load up your account with some tokens to be used on Bifrost Testnet. Join: | Typ this command /want YOUR_BNC_ADDRESS (note: it’s possible you have to try several times before receiving your tokens)

8/ Check your balance:

Setup VPS server

Let’s set up our VPS server for running a Bifrost node. Follow this link to register your account Digital Ocean:

Use my referral link so you get $100 credits. So you can run your node for free for 60 days! This should cover the reward program period.

Confirm your email address | Add a payment method | Now you have $100 credits

1/ Click on ‘Create’ and choose ‘Doplets’.
2/ Let’s config the server:
Choose an image: Ubuntu 20.04
Choose a plan: Basic
Take a server you like (in this config I’ll take the $20/mo server)
Choose a datacenter region
Typ in a password
Choose a hostname
Deploy your Doplet
(this takes around 1 min)

3/ Click on your server and open your console
4/ Typ in your login information:
# User: root
# Password: the password you picked on your server config (note: it’s possible your password isn’t working, type it in a text editor and copy/paste).

5/ It’s time to install Docker on your server with this command:

curl -fsSL | bash -s docker --mirror Aliyun

6/ Run your node:

docker run -it -p 30333:30333 -p 9944:9944 bifrostnetwork/bifrost:asgard-v0.5.0 --name "NodeName" --rpc-cors 'all' --unsafe-ws-external --validator

Typ in the place of NodeName, how you would like to call your node. I will use AsgardCC3 | dE3UYB34UL. AsgardCC3 name of my server and dE3UYB34UL the first 10 digits of my BNC address.

7/ After some time your node will start syncing:
Check on to see if your node is fully synced.
8/ Your node is now synced and running smoothly on Asgard CC3 Testnet.

Get your session key

This part is the hard part, but if you just follow my lead this will be done in a couple of minutes.

You need to stop your node and start it again with another command so it opens up your port 9933. This is needed to generate your session key.

Stop your node and start it again with this command:

docker run -it -p 30333:30333 -p 9944:9944 -p 9933:9933 bifrostnetwork/bifrost:asgard-v0.5.0 --name "NodeName" --rpc-cors 'all' --unsafe-ws-external --rpc-methods 'Unsafe' --unsafe-rpc-external --validator

Typ in the place of NodeName, how you would like to call your node. I will use AsgardCC3 | dE3UYB34UL. AsgardCC3 name of my server and dE3UYB34UL the first 10 digits of my BNC address.

Your node will just sync further. Now you need to grab your session key. To grab your session key, your node has to run. It’s not possible to keep your node running and open a different terminal on Digital Ocean for entering another command.

Just download and install PuTTy for the workaround:

1/ Open PuTTY
2/ Typ in the field of ‘Host Name’ your IP of your server on Digital Ocean, you will find this in your Doplets page.
3/ The terminal will open and you can login with your username and password like you did with the console.

4/ Let’s grab our session key
5/ Copy/paste the following command:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"id":1, "jsonrpc":"2.0", "method": "author_rotateKeys", "params":[]}' http://localhost:9933

6/ Copy the long string of numbers and letters 0x9917….b85a and paste it in a text editor so you have it when you apply for a validator field.

7/ Best thing to do now is to stop your node again and start it again with the first command (Setup VPS server, step 6). Doing this, you close port 9944 because it can be dangerous to have this open.

Grab your seat as a validator

Let’s get ourselves now on the waitlist for becoming a validator in Bifrost Testnet.

1/ Go back to Bifrost Dashboard:
2/ Click on ‘Network’ | ‘Staking

3/ Click on ‘Account Actions’ | ‘+ Validator

4/ A pop-up form will show. Select your Stash and Controller account. Just leave the field value bonded as it is and click on ‘Next’.

5/ Paste your session key in the first field and leave the reward commission as it is.

6/ Click on ‘Bond & Validate’.

Unlock your account and click on ‘Sign and Submit’.

Written by PromoTeam

What is the PromoTeam?
PromoTeam — is the international team of Polkadot fans with experience in different activities: sales growth, business communications and strategy, promotion, advertising, mathematics, programming, entrepreneurship, and many others. Our main task — increase the value of the Substrate ecosystem by involving many people focused on scaling the product and community. Our goal — to give the Polkadot and Substrate community the real utility to promote Substrate projects.

What is Bifrost
Bifrost is the DeFi project for PoS tokens, which include both staking and liquidity. It is developed based on Substrate and built on the Polkadot network. As a DeFi project in the Polkadot ecosystem, Bifrost users can swap PoS Tokens into vTokens through the Bifrost Protocol at any time to obtain Staking rewards and liquidity. Getting rewards from the first day, without any locking periods. BNC is Bifrost native token.



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