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2022 Kick-Off: Roadmap and Introduction to the BIFROST Network

Why We’re Building the BIFROST Network

As we build our own network…

BFC Token Burn

  • Initial Total Supply: 4,000,000,000 BFC
  • Total Supply after BFC burn on March 14, 2021: 3,968,584,074 BFC
  • Total Supply after BFC burn in February 2022: 2,368,584,074 BFC

BFC Staking Opportunity

  • To ensure the safety of the BIFROST network, validators must participate in the PoS or DPoS consensus
  • To celebrate the launch of PoS Staking, we will offer a BFC staking opportunity (APY 20%) for a limited time
  • BFC deposited to the staking service will be locked-up until the launch of the network. After the launch, it will be automatically transferred to the DPoS pool of the BIFROST network.
  • It will take 3 weeks to withdraw the BFC before the launch and the APY will be decreased to 5%
  • BFC Staking Launch Date: Same date as BFC burn event (February 2022)
  • We will make an announcement regarding BFC Staking in the future

Team Token Distribution

More on 2022 Roadmap..

BIFROST 2022 Roadmap





Looking Forward


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