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Announcing the End of BIT2

Greetings from the BIFROST Team!

We would like to thank all of you who participated in the BIFROST Incentivized Testnet 2 (BIT2) to experience and witness the birth of a new blockchain ecosystem, the BIFROST Mainnet.

Over a period of 6 weeks, a total of 257,438 missions were completed by BIT2 participants, and over 20,000 online contents were created and propagated over Twitter, Medium, and YouTube. Moreover, the users that newly learned about BIFROST through BIT2 made the BIFROST community all the more lively, and we have you to thank for that.

Through this successful BIT2, we were overwhelmed with the response from the community, and as a result, we were able to complete the milestone we’ve been aiming for — the official launch of our very own Mainnet. We’d like to thank you all again for the love and support you’ve shown toward the vision and the future of BIFROST.

BIT2 Rewards

A total of $30,000 worth of BFC will be distributed to the most active participants of BIT2. The rewards will be sent to the wallet addresses registered to Crew3. If you have any questions, please contact us via Discord (Help — bit2-support).

Who is eligible to receive rewards?

Rewards will be distributed to all those who scored above 2,200 points according to the Crew3 leaderboard, and the amount is as follows.

Points: Reward

5,020~5,740: 500 BFC

5,010~4,050: 300 BFC

4,040~3,300: 150 BFC

3,290~2,200: 50 BFC

However, even if you scored over 2,200 points, you will not be eligible for rewards if deemed that you:

  1. Used multiple wallets from the same IP address
  2. Used the same wallet addresses for different accounts
  3. Used an invalid or non-existent wallet address.

How can I check my rewards?

Rewards can be found by connecting Biport or Metamask, or any other ERC-20 compatible wallet to the BIFROST Network. If you are using Biport, adding network to the wallet is unnecessary. For any other wallets, you will need to access the network using the RPC information below.

  1. Select Settings from your wallet to find an Add Network page.
  2. Enter the following information to add the network.

RPC Information

Please refer to this page if you wish to check out a more detailed guide.

With this, we conclude the BIFROST Incentivized Testnet. We look forward to embarking on the new journey with you on our Mainnet! Learn more about the BIFROST Network.

BIFROST — Website | Twitter | Discord | Reddit | Telegram



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