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Announcing ‘WITCH’ as a Partner of the BIFROST Network

We’re happy to announce WITCH as an official partner of the BIFROST Network. WITCH will join our network as an official validator and help secure our service. In addition, WITCH will showcase Web3 services combining the metaverse and DeFi on the BIFROST Network.

Please stay tuned for more as we collaborate with various partners and continue to grow the BIFROST Ecosystem fueled by our mainnet.


WITCH has partnered with large corporations such as Hyundai and LG U+ to create a Web3 ecosystem that is easily accessible to everyone. WITCH provides a Web3 metaverse community through NFTs where users can experience a variety of DeFi products using tokens in the metaverse built on the web.

About the BIFROST Network

As the BIFROST Network is a permission-less EVM-compatible layer-one blockchain utilizing Substrate technology focused on enabling interoperability between blockchains, it provides the ultimate environment to build multichain DApps. For instance, the network allows one to purchase a BSC-based NFT using USDT on Ethereum.

BFC is the native token of the BIFROST Network which is a generalized message-passing system that is well-suited for all types of cross-chain applications. By design, it can operate with native tokens that inherit the security of the underlying network. The network allows developers to easily build cross-chain applications, such as a cross-chain DEX service using native assets.



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