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BiFi UI Update

✅ Rewards: Maximum APY added

✅ Lending: Added coins to support through multichain technology

What is BiFi?

BiFi (Bifrost Finance) is the multichain DeFi platform powered by Bifrost’s multichain technology. BiFi connects not only Ethereum based tokens, but also other tokens from different blockchains such as Bitcoin, Tron and Klaytn. BiFi’s platform currently offers three decentralized services that allows users to invest and earn on their digital assets and get rewarded BiFi tokens.

Maximum APY

Maximum APY is added under the Rewards menu. Maximum APY is the calculation for multiple usage of lending and borrowing services on BiFi. Maximum APY changes on the supply and demand of the market. Check maximum APY before using services on BiFi to maximize your profit!

Maximum APY

Future Assets using Bifrost’s multitchain Technology

Coins from other blockchain protocols are added under the Lending menu. BNB, DOT, KLAY, and BTC are added. We will announce the detailed schedule for these coins and we are going to add more ERC-20 tokens shortly. Please share your opinions on other tokens with us!

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