BiFi X and ChainRunner Q Support Klaytn Network

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3 min readMar 28, 2022

Today, we are thrilled to expand our longstanding partnership with Klaytn since November 2021 and announce that BiFi X and ChainRunner Q will both support the Klaytn Network, following BiFi and Biport.

The Klaytn network support will offer a faster and cheaper environment while furthering our mission to give users a greater level of choice and accessibility within the multichain DeFi ecosystem.

Earn 2X BiFi Rewards on BiFi Klaytn Network

To celebrate the Klaytn network support on BiFi X and ChainRunner Q, we are doubling up the total number of BiFi token rewards within BiFi and BiFi X Klaytn network, starting today.

Start Date: March 28, 2022
Reward Amount Before Increase: 2,000,000 BiFi
Reward Amount After Increase: 4,000,000 BiFi

About BiFi X

BiFi X is an automated leverage trading platform that allows instant leverage in one click using flash loans. You can open a uses flash loans to automate yield farming and margin trading in a single transaction with EARN and BET features. You can open a position on BiFi X and utilize more leverage to achieve high returns without repeating deposits and borrows many times.

BiFi X Official Website:
BiFi X Guide:
Supported Networks: Klaytn, Ethereum, BSC

☝ To use BiFi X on Klaytn network, you must bridge BIFI tokens to Klaytn network using Orbit Bridge for BiFi X fees. See guide to bridging BIFI to Klaytn network.

About ChainRunner Q

ChainRunner Q is a DeFi aggregator built for end-users to easily use blockchain and all of its services. It interconnects the universal blockchain ecosystem by bringing together all the services into one platform.

ChainRunner Q Official Website:
ChainRunner Q Technical Documentation:
Supported Networks: Klaytn, Ethereum, BSC

ChainRunner Q: The Klaytn Scenario Map

See all different kinds of DeFi scenarios on the Klaytn network below:

ChainRunner Q: The Klaytn Scenario Map

ChainRunner Q: Buy Tokens at Best Rates

Check out a new feature on ChainRunner Q: Buy Tokens at Best Rates.

ChainRunner Q: Buy Tokens at Best Rates

This feature automatically finds the best DEX for you to exchange the most number of tokens when purchasing a token without having to compare different DEXes manually. Try it out in ChainRunner Q.

BiFi Klaytn Network Collateral Ratio Adjustment

In addition to the Klaytn network support, the collateral ratio of Klaytn assets on BiFi will be adjusted to the following:

  • USDC collateral ratio: 80% → 70%
  • USDT collateral ratio: 75% → 80%

Adjustment Date: March 31, 2022 at 3PM (UTC)

To users who are currently yield farming USDC and/or USDT on BiFi Klaytn network, we advise you to move your yield farming positions to BiFi X and open an EARN (yield farming) position OR make adjustments to your collateral before the date above to secure your positions.

If you are borrowing with maximum collateral right now, additional deposits may be needed to withdraw your yield farming positions on BiFi after the collateral ratio adjustment takes place.

Add Klaytn Network to Wallet

To use BiFi X and ChainRunner Q on Klaytn network, connect Biport, MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet to ChainRunner Q and set the wallet network to “Klaytn Cypress”.


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