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BIFROST Dev Update #1: BIT Week 1


BIFROST Incentivized Testnet (BIT): Week 1

Post Mortem Incident:

Week 1 Highlights

  • The BIFROST Network was the 10th largest network among Substrate-based blockchain networks (including testnets and mainnets; based on data from 21 Oct.)
  • 135 out of 161 testers succeeded in running their nodes (
  • Our network had 180 running nodes (validators + RPC nodes)
  • Number of daily transactions ( 14 Oct. (8827) / 15 Oct. (12346) / 16 Oct. (10146) / 17 Oct. (9892) / 18 Oct. (14542) /19 Oct. (15700) / 20 Oct. (23639) / 21 Oct. (34767)

What’s New in This Update

Bounty Page Features

  • Public Leaderboard: There’s nothing like a little friendly competition. Track your progress as you earn points against all the valdiators on our public leaderboard.
  • Social Tracking: We are encouraging the validators to become part of the BIFROST Community. Engage, retweet, like and create content around BIFROST to earn rewards and add points to the leaderboard.
  • Bug Bounty: See something not working quite right? Report a bug and get rewarded with tokens. Extermination has never been so lucrative. Make sure to comment on our Discord group
  • Submissions: Create and submit your own blog and get tokens based on originality, creativity and reach.

In Case You Missed it…

  1. If you haven’t heard by now, our Week 2 of the BIT is live. For the validators participating, please check both manuals (Docker, Systemd) to update your node client before continuing. Additionally, for those whose nodes have been switched offline, make sure to refer to our GitBook to switch your node back to online status. As always, please let us know if you face any difficulties.
  2. Catch our latest article diving into Everything you need to know about BIFROST




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