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Lunar New Year Event

Hello Bifrost & BiFi Community,

We are almost at month 1 of BiFi Open Beta launch! A strong community has been foundational to our success and we would like to thank you all for the continued love and support.

To continue to foster our community growth, share our achievements, and extend our ecosystem, we invite everyone to participate in the new Bifrost x BiFi Lunar New Year Event!

As a reward for contributing to our ecosystem, we are rewarding program participants with BFC_K, a Klaytn-based token of Bifrost Token (BFC). BFC_K will be later converted to BFC (Ethereum-based) when our multichain wallet releases in early 2021.

About the Event

To get started, just share your personal referral link and we’ll automatically reward 500 Points for every referrals you make to Bifrost Telegram Group. You can get your personal link from BFC Bot on Telegram, by messaging /link. Bifrost converts these Points into BFC_K every month.

As a reward for sharing posts about Bifrost and BiFi, BFC_K will be rewarded and sent to your Klaytn wallet addresses. The minimum number of posts to share across channels is 3.

Read below for program details:

🗓️ Event Duration:

January 27 — February 14

👨‍💻 How to participate:

  1. Share at least 3 posts about Bifrost and BiFi
  2. Submit Google Form → Provide your Telegram username, links to your posts, and screenshots of posts with all requirements.
  3. Receive BFC_K from the Bifrost Team!
  4. 500 Points per invitee for Telegram Referrals will be automatically sent when a new members joins through your referral link.

💬 Where to post:

All relevant channels including, but not limited to:
Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, Blog, Discord, Reddit, Bitcointalk, and Crypto Media/News Sites

📝 What to post:

  1. (Required) Website: Bifrost and BiFi
  2. (Required) Short intro of Bifrost or BiFi
  3. (Required) Screenshot of BiFi service ( or homepage (
  4. (Required) Personal referral link for Bifrost Global Telegram -> Message /link to BFC Bot on Telegram and share your personal referral link! (DO NOT LINK BFC BOT ( YOU MUST USE YOUR OWN REFERRAL LINK YOU RECEIVE FROM BFC BOT TO RECEIVE 500 POINTS)
  5. (Required) Hashtag: #Multichain #DeFi $BFC $BiFi
  6. (Optional) Other Bifrost or BiFi image/GIFs
  • Twitter is an exception for including all requirements in one post, due to word count limits. You can divide the content into several posts, but they will count as one post.

🎁 Reward:

Although there are no specific guidelines on the content you share, there will be bonus points for a wider range of creativity! The more creative and quality your posts are, the higher your reward will be.

The Bifrost Team will reward a maximum of 1,000 bonus BFC_K to outstanding quality posts. We will be on the lookout! 😉

  • 3+ Posts: 100 BFC_K
  • 6+ Posts: 200 BFC_K
  • 9+ Posts: 300 BFC_K

If you have any questions about this event, please reach out to our team on Telegram:

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