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Biport Mobile Closed Beta Test — Renovation and ChainRunner Integration


As expectations across the niche market of all sectors continuously intensified, more advanced services with groundbreaking technology and features have been launched. Users are now able to distinguish between L1 and L2, build rollups using zero-knowlegde, and separate the process of creating blocks to include shard information. Despite the vigorous competition, by believing that multichain technology will achieve true interoperability, BIFROST has also actively contributed to the blockchain industry by developing and showcasing its unparalleled technology within the BIFROST ecosystem.

Since the time we embarked on our multichain journey back in 2016, the following question has always dawned upon our BIFROST team.

“What does multichain mean for users and why?”

Reflection on the True Multichain Experience

In quest of finding answers to this enigma, BIFROST conducted a series of user tests and interviews by observing user behavior and asking questions, such as “How are you using this technology?” We’ve concluded that for the average users, features of blockchain technology become filtered out only to what information they are able to fully comprehend. Amidst the vast multiverse, users peer into the narrow view eyepiece of the telescope and can only grasp what is already known to them or what they are able to touch directly.

BIFROST’s recent change of strategy begins here — approaching multichain from the perspective of the users. We are now focusing all our attention on the users by contemplating what benefits they can gain, how they actually make use of the services, and what technological foundations we need to lay in order for users to optimize their experience.

Commencing our second phase with the launch of Biport Mobile — “a multichain experience in one hand” — the BIFROST team will align all our services and present an environment in which users can make the most out of what multichain has to offer.

The Rebirth of Biport Mobile X Integration of ChainRunner M

The objective of Biport Mobile is to provide a true multichain experience for users by eliminating what users need to understand about different chains. Based on multiple user interviews, we have pinpointed three most important uses for wallets: (1) transfer (2) exchange (3) and invest. Since digital assets are spread across different chains, users would have to constantly repeat these three actions. Therefore, Biport Mobile focuses on allowing users to utilize these three key functions without being restricted to any one chain. However, integrating chains with distinctly different ecosystems to provide the same experience is difficult for a simple wallet.

Enter ChainRunner M, the concierge of Biport. The new and improved ChainRunner M supports Biport Mobile by performing complex cross-chain functions and automatically curating procedures within the wallet. With the integration of ChainRunner, Biport Mobile proudly introduces the following key functions across three screens:

  • Screen 1: Swap, bridge, and Cross-Chain Swap
    ChainRunner is an integrated functionality that provides an automatic extension of functions suited to your needs. For tokens within the same chain, Biport will proceed to include a swap with the best rates. For tokens on different chains, Biport will proceed to include a cross-chain bridge function. For different tokens on different chains, Biport will proceed to include a cross-chain swap function.
  • Screen 2: All tokens across different chains
    Check and utilize all your assets on one screen. As it should not be up to the user to understand every chain and the different types of digital assets, Biport Mobile will now do the job for you.
  • Screen 3: Real-time investment status and opportunities
    Biport Mobile’s asset management function is organized to address two needs for users: real-time investment status and financial opportunities. You can now easily keep track of your portfolio across various chains and also check expected returns on various investment DeFi strategies. If you wish to modify your portfolio, Biport will direct you to those relevant services.

Visit Biport’s newly renovated website to discover new designs and features of Biport.

ChainRunner M — The Multichain Concierge

Many people have our BIFROST team, “How do I do it?”

In a way, this is completely natural. In order to learn how to use blockchain services, users are forced to understand the complicated jargon of the blockchain industry — and somewhere along the line, people become desperate to have a reliable guide who can help them during this process.

This is where ChainRunner comes in to fulfill the role of a reliable guide. Once you inform Biport what you want to do — just like a hotel concierge — the steps will be laid out for you. Whereas ChainRunner Q only provided the manual, ChainRunner M has been upgraded to execute curated procedures that are most suitable with the best rates. First and foremost, with the integration of ChainRunner M, Biport Mobile provides the cross-chain swap function which is a necessity for all users.

Technically speaking, ChainRunner is a multi-layered structure of abstraction well known to computer scientists. It defines the programming language capable of expressing units to accurately reflect the users’ intentions. Using this language builds many abstract layers on top of multiple chains so that users can simply command desired actions without having to consider the differences among chains. In fact, ChainRunner cannot be classified using existing concepts. The closest existing concept is perhaps a DeFi Aggregator, but this classification does not truly encompass the many functionalities of ChainRunner. Hence, we call it a “concierge” that executes any requests regardless of the type of chain.

ChainRunner already has a variety of features, but it is the first to introduce cross-chain swap that users need most today via Biport Mobile. We plan to provide each of them once we decide on the most effective method of service delivery.

  • Cross-chain Payment: Supports payment either directly to the seller or to the seller’s DeFi account without any chain restrictions by combining ChainRunner with BIFROST Network, which will be launched in the near future
  • Smart Asset Management: Directly manages smart wallets and executes advanced asset management functions (e.g. changing collateral using leverage) with a single command
  • Blockchain Private Banking: Curates the most profitable services that generate maximum returns by combining deposits and loan rates across various investment DeFi strategies.

Flexible and Constantly Adapting to Change

No matter how much we focus on the user, there are no clear-cut answers to multichain services, and even the approximate answer does not remain constant. This is why we aim to create flexible services, capable of adapting to constant change. The codebase structure of Biport Mobile has been improved so that it can be efficiently modified; the ChainRunner has evolved from an in-browser engine to a standalone server; we have revamped our team organization to understand users’ pain points better and to track changing market trends.

Now, we’d like to invite our users on our journey to improve Biport Mobile before its official launch. If you’re interested in participating in its Closed Beta Test, please feel free to participate by submitting your application below. We have prepared some rewards as a token of appreciation (pun intended) as your valuable feedback will help us build a truly seamless and reliable crypto wallet.

Closed Beta Testing Registration Form

Application Start Date/Time: June 30, 2022 at 6:00 AM UTC (First come, first served)
Closed Beta Tester Announcement Date: Starting from the second week of July and onward

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