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Bitizn NFT: Website & Airdrop Reveal

Today, we are unraveling the veil of our first NFT, Bitizn.

The Bitizn website is now officially open to the public! Today’s reveal is just a sneak peek of what’s to come during the full collection drop.

Bitizn (pronounced bye-ti-zen) is a collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles. The NFT is your proof of citizenship and gateway to BIFROST city where Bitizns reap the most premium access to a financial haven with innovative web3 offerings including DeFi, NFT, and GameFi.

  • NFT Name: Bitizn
  • Type: Decentral — Merchant — Central
  • Public Minting: Post BIFROST network launch (TBA)
  • NFT Airdrop: Post BIFROST network launch (TBA)

Bitizn Public Minting

Bitizn Public Minting will take place after the BIFROST network launch and will be available for minting on the BIFROST NFT marketplace.

Bitizn NFT Airdrop

Bitizn NFT will be exclusively airdropped to early and active participants of the BIFROST ecosystem, meaning only BFC stakers who staked on the staking platform and BiFi token holders will be able to receive the airdrop.

See below for the range of BFC staked and BiFi tokens held to receive the airdrop. One NFT will be airdropped per wallet with each corresponding range of BFC staked or BiFi tokens held. Each wallet/bag represents a different Bitizn rank. This means that the more BFC you stake or BiFi tokens you hold, the higher the rank of Bitizn NFT you will receive.

BFC Staking Amount

  • Bag 1: 100,000–500,000 BFC Staked
  • Bag 2: 500,000–1,500,000 BFC Staked
  • Bag 3: 1,500,000–4,000,000 BFC Staked
  • Bag 4: 4,000,000–10,000,000 BFC Staked
  • Bag 5: 10,000,000+ BFC Staked

BiFi Token Holding Amount

  • Bag 1: 500,000–1,500,000 BiFi
  • Bag 2: 1,500,000–4,000,000 BiFi
  • Bag 3: 4,000,000–8,000,000 BiFi
  • Bag 4: 8,000,000–12,000,000 BiFi
  • Bag 5: 12,000,000+ BiFi

Snapshots of BFC stakers and BiFi holders will be periodically taken between April 1 to April 30. The exact date for the Bitizn Airdrop is TBA.

It’s not too late to grab a bag to claim your Bitizn NFT by holding BiFi and/or staking BFC.

More information about BIFROST Network & BFC Staking
BFC and BiFi Listings:

Unfolding the Story: Bitizn

Today, we live in a world where Central, Decentral, and Merchant societies coexist. The Centrals have a centralized governance structure where power is distributed amongst a larger group. In a Decentral society, people work together with equal ownership to enforce decisions. With Merchants — centralization or decentralization are not mandated. Merchants are autonomous and they rely on both diametrical spectrums depending on the situation. All other societies, acting in their own self-interests, have eventually come and gone.

Now, the neutral city of BIFROST remains. In BIFROST City, your citizenship is approved by Bitizn NFT. Embracing the values of all Bitizns, the city provides economic support, various entertainments like arts and games, and unique experiences for everyone. But there are different benefits and services provided for each of the different ranks of a Bitizn. As you reside in BIFROST, you will see that different residential areas offer high-quality and luxurious experiences, exclusively enjoyed by high-class Bitizns.

Holder Benefits

Bitizn NFT will give the holders fee discounts for all of the DeFi of BIFROST city, premium access to whitelist, airdrops, and future financial services, and invitations to exclusive community gatherings with other Bitizns.

Become a Bitizn, claim your identity at BIFROST, and take part in our mission to build the Metaverse with a suite of multichain financial services the world has never seen before.

Join the BIFROST city Discord with 3,000 other members:

Check out the Bitizn NFT website:

And follow all BIFROST city products on Twitter:


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