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BMall — Closed Beta Test Guide

BMall, Be More!

We’re glad to announce that a Closed Beta Test (CBT) for BMall — an NFT Marketplace created for the NFT communities — has officially started today, June 24, 2022 (KST).

For around 4 weeks, please help our team improve BMall’s user experience by reporting any bugs or suggestions you have experienced.

If you have any questions during the process, ask away in our “cbt” chat, then our BMall team will respond to you as soon as possible.

BMall CBT Instructions

1. Join CBT chat on Discord

Selected beta testers of BMall have been assigned the role of “CBTer” on BIFROST CITY’s Discord “#📃⎥cbt” chat. To confirm your role as a beta tester, join the private CBT chat on Discord that is only available to beta testers. Please note that late entry may result in disqualification. Consequently, this opportunity will be given to a different, qualified registrant.

  • Haven’t entered BIFROST CITY Discord yet?
    Join below using the link and chat with our admin (@jooatbifrost) in
    #😄⎥chat-nft to gain access to the private chat.


2. Confirming Your Assets — Cloned NFTs and $BFC

In order to test out BMall, our team has sent a total of 24 cloned NFTs (2 NFTs per 12 collection) and 100,000 BFC to the ERC-20 wallet addresses our beta testers have submitted via BMall Closed Beta Registration Form. Please check your wallet to see that you have received the following resources above.

*Didn’t receive your NFTs and $BFC?
Get help from our admins on the ‘#📃⎥cbt’ chat in Discord.

3. Obtain Kovan ETH

Before completing the CBT Checklist, you must first obtain ETH for testing issued by the Kovan network. In the following tutorial, we will be using Biport Wallet to demonstrate how to obtain Kovan ETH.

Step.1 Go to Chainlink Faucets

Step.2 Click Connect wallet and select the appropriate wallet you have submitted on BMall Closed Beta Registration Form

*Make sure to enable “MetaMask Support” if you are using Biport.

  • Settings Icon > Advanced Settings > MetaMask Support

Step.3 Please approve the Chainlink connection request from Biport. Select the wallet you’ve submitted on the registration form, then click Confirm to accept the request.

*To proceed to the next step, change the network to Kovan after connecting your wallet.

Step.4 Select 0.1 test ETH, then click the checkbox to verify you are human.
The transaction will commence once you click Send request

*Note: test LINK will automatically be selected for you.

Step.5 Once the transaction is complete, the following image will pop up.

Step.6 Make sure to check you have successfully received Kovan ETH in your Biport Wallet.

*Note that the Kovan ETH provided by Chainlink Faucets is available for 1 time/1 hour.

4. Complete the Following CBT Checklist

  1. Buy NFTs
    a. Spontaneously purchase an NFT
    b. Purchase an NFT via auction (set period)(make an offer)
  2. Sell NFTs
    a. Spontaneously sell an NFT
    b. Auction an NFT (set period)
    c. Sell an NFT at a designated price of your choice
  3. Set up your account on BMall
    a. Set up your profile, email, and nickname
  4. Earn rewards
  5. Claim your Community Fee
  6. Transfer NFTs
  7. Generate your Referral Code
  8. Swap ETH ↔ WETH

5. Submit a User Report

Each bug check and user reports are requested to be submitted via the google forms below. There are no limits to the number of google form submissions.

*You must complete the survey to receive compensation
*If you submit a response unrelated to the survey, the compensation may be cancelled.
*Compensation is paid differently depending on the individual contributions.
*Please submit one Google Form per bug report. Repetitive content will not be recognized as contributions.

Fill out User and Bug Report via Google Forms

About BMall

BMall is an NFT Marketplace stemmed from the belief that HODLERS should receive more benefits. To that extent, BMall’s slogan — BMall, Be More — exemplifies exactly that belief by featuring two exclusive benefits to share greater profits with your NFT community.

APR profits? (Duh, but boring). Check out these amazing features of BMall below.

  1. Community Fee
    Hop in on the industry’s up-and-coming bandwagon! BMall has introduced the industry’s very first transaction fee sharing system. If your NFT collection is traded on BMall, a portion of that transaction fee will be shared amongst you and your NFT community.
  2. Referral Code
    The more the merrier! BMall is designed to generate more revenue for the BMall community as more contributions are made on BMall. If a user signs up on BMall and trades NFT using your Referral Code, you will earn half of the transaction fee (1%) as revenue.

Find out what networks and exclusive perks are only available on BMall with the Gitbook Guide

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