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Cross-chain Wallets in the Web3 ecosystem

Looking into future of Web-3 wallets and introducing Biport, a natively cross-chain wallet.


As we’re heading toward a cross-chain future, users expecting their Web-3 wallet to support cross-chain functionality. Having a separate wallet extension for each chain, as well as changing network each time user interact with a new chain, is a terrible user experience. The new generation of crypto wallets, such as XDEFI, are able to automatically detect the network Web-3 app is using, as well as automatically add assets to the right network from the user on-chain balance.


DeFi might be confusing for non-sophisticated users. Web-3 wallets supporting in-app basic DeFi functionality can open the magic of decentralized finance to people that don’t have a desire or time to learn complicated concepts. Deposits to lending markets, swaps, staking services, and some trading functionality should be available from a Web-3 wallet and be as easy as managing finances from a Web-2 banking app.


NFTs, being a social and cultural concept, can potentially onboard the next big wave of users to crypto. Hence, it essentialant to provide these users with an easy solution to monitor and potentially trade their artwork most conveniently. This aspect is already recognized by a number of mobile wallets, with even Metamask Mobile providing a very simplistic interface for NFTs.

Biport wallet

Biport wallet is a natively cross-chain Web-3 wallet developed by the BIFROST team. With extension already available in Chrome Store, it provides users with frictionless chain-agnostic user experience in five networks — Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Klaytn, and Avalanche, as well as BIFROST Network testnet. With just one recovery phrase, users can access these chains, all the assets on apps on top of them, without a need of changing networks or wallets manually. A mobile app is currently in the beta testing and will soon become available for everyone.

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