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Introducing Owly

Discover daily trading strategies, all curated for you.

In line with our efforts to build a truly inclusive web3 experience, our team at BIFROST is launching a new decentralized leverage trading platform — designed to build wealth for everyone.

What is Owly?

Owly is a decentralized leverage trading platform that curates the most profitable trading strategies to help you make better and faster trading decisions and earn maximum DeFi rewards.

DeFi daily trading has never been made so easy. Whether you are a novice or an experienced DeFi trader, Owly can help you discover sophisticated trading positions with real-time market data and our unique trading analysis.

All you have to do is browse the various options of trading strategy cards, assess each profit performance and potential daily returns, and decide on any position to enter. There is no need to leave the platform to swap any required assets with our in-app swap feature.

Owly DeFi strategy cards updated every 3 minutes

Owly Official Website:
Owly Docs:

Owly: BiFi X trading positions curated for you

BiFi X is an automated leverage trading platform that enables you to get maximum leverage on yield farming and margin trading using flash loans with EARN and BET features.

Owly expands the functions of BiFi X to provide a simple and hassle-free trading environment by showing only what you want for trading under stressful conditions.

KLAY-KLAY earn on BiFi X
Simplified KLAY-KLAY earn process on Owly

As shown above, Owly’s UI is designed to be much more friendly for daily trading.

If you wish to dive deep into a single trade, all opened positions on Owly are directly synced to BiFi X so that you can check the details of the position: LTV ratio, current position value in further decimal points, principal, etc.

Take a look at some of the most profitable BiFi X Positions for the past 9 months. When others can earn, you can earn too.

Position #1: LONG 4X (ETH-USDT)

  • Past Month APY: +55%
  • 3.1x profit from principal

Position #2: LONG 3X (ETH-DAI)

  • Past Month APY: +50%
  • 2.9x profit from principal

Position #3: LONG 4X (BNB-USDT)

  • Past Month APY: +52%
  • 2.4x profit from principal

Supported Network & Onwards

Owly will be supporting the Klaytn network first, combining the benefits of lower fees and faster transactions. It will also very soon be mobile-optimized to deliver a seamless DeFi experience on-the-go and will be expanded to more networks powered by BIFROST.

Trade daily on Owly!

Owly Official Website:
Owly Docs:


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