Pockie App Update v1.1

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2 min readMar 5, 2024


This update is designed to provide our mobile wallet users with even more useful features. The new features include address manager to better the user experience, and scam NFT auto-filtering. There are even new features that provide additional information regarding transactions that users need. Some of the features that were previously only available for Chrome extension are now also available for mobile app, so users can enjoy the ease of use offered by our extension also on their mobile phone. Let’s delve into the details of this update.

  1. Easy address management
    It can be scary copying and pasting addresses to move tokens. Pockie now comes with a handy address book, so you can have a piece of mind knowing the address is correct, every time you make a transaction. Also, your most often used addresses will now be displayed on top, so you can transact without the fear of entering the wrong address.
  2. No more worrying about scam NFTs!
    Pockie can now automatically detect and filter NFTs deemed to be scams. Also, users can now hide NFTs they do not wish to see on their portfolio. Complete your NFT collection, to the way you like it, using Pockie’s powerful filter and customizing options.
  3. More detailed NFT information, straight from the marketplace
    It is now easier to check additional information about an NFT in Pockie. Without having to connect to an NFT marketplace, users can now see the current price, bid prices, and traits. You can see it all, right here in Pockie.
  4. DApp interaction details, and transaction details!
    Token contract address, dApp interaction history, transaction details! See it all here, right within Pockie. Users can now see token contract addresses within the token details page. Users can also now see the contract addresses of dApps they are interacting with, as well as details of the tokens involved in the transaction, and gas fee, right from transaction history and dApp interaction page. This works to inform the user of potential risks, thus creating a safer environment for users to trade. Currently this feature is enabled for Everdex and Uniswap, and Curve to a limited degree. We will continue to add more dApp support over time.

Pockie App, now re-inforced with features that enrich asset custody, transfer and management. Update your Pockie now to experience a new level of safety and convenience!

Newest version App update

  • Android v1.1
  • iOS v1.1

Update Notes Summary

  • Address book function
  • Scam NFT auto-filtering and customization
  • NFT details re-vamped
  • Token contract details
  • Transaction details
  • Supported dApp and related transactions details




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