Pockie Extension v1.2 Update

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3 min readMar 8, 2024


Pockie was designed with a focus on better user experience and security from the get-go. This update is an extension of this ethos. To make the dangerous land of DeFi more safe and fun to navigate, we are introducing Pockie Extension v1.2 Update — an update that would improve usability for power users, and security for those venturing out into DeFi for first time.

Let’s take a look at the new features in depth.

Powerful features for the power user

  1. Network gas fees, on the go
    The users of decentralized exchanges and other DApps will likely have had times when they’ve run out of gas, and subsequently experienced the frustration that comes with it. Now such situations can be solved within seconds through the Gas Top-up function.
    Instead of having to buy a token, and withdrawing at a large cost, Pockie Gas Top-up allows you to purchase gas tokens so you can resume your transactions within seconds! Did we mention that the service comes at the lowest fee on the market as well?
    This feature is available through a pop-up screen that appears when you have run out of gas fees.
  2. DApp transaction history and details
    Now, instead of having to check explorers for details regarding your transactions, you can see the details right in your Extension! The details can be found in History screen, as well as wallet connection screen. Details include contract addresses of dApps, the tokens involved in the transaction as well as their fiat amounts, and gas fee. This update will include support for Everdex and Uniswap, and Curve to a limited degree. We will continue to add more dApp support over time.
  3. Import multiple wallets!
    Pockie can now import all wallets derivative of a single mnemonic phrase, all at once. Previously, users could only import 1 wallet at a time, but with this update, by entering a seed phrase in Import Wallet menu, users can now import up to 100 wallets that share the same seed phrase. This function is designed to improve usability and to manage wallets more efficiently.

All the information you need, right inside Pockie

  1. Address Book function to manage your favorite addresses
    Register the addresses you use often to send assets conveniently without mistakes. Now you can send assets to specified addresses with a single click! Register the addresses for exchanges and friends in your Address Book, and save time copying and pasting and confirming addresses. If you register an address as a favorite, it will be fixed to the top of the Address Book.
  2. Find details on your NFT
    If you are using multiple tabs to manage your NFT, this feature is for you. Pockie can now display current price, bid prices, and traits of your NFT, all within Pockie.

Scam filtering, to improve user security

  1. Pockie’s auto-filter for scam NFTs
    Scams are becoming more commonplace nowadays. This new feature automatically detects and filters out possible scam attempts through NFT.
    If you have an NFT that is not a scam in nature but want to hide it, you can now also edit your NFT screen to hide it. Through these two new features, you can now manage and show off your NFT collection precisely the way you want.

We continue to look forward to various user feedbacks that make Pockie even better! We thank all the community members for their support, and ask that you continue to give us valuable feedback through Discord and/or Service Desk.

Experience the new Pockie Extension features now!

Pockie Chrome Extension Installation (Previous installs will update automatically.)




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