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Starting Biport Mobile Open Beta Test

The previous Closed Beta Test was time for users to experience what BIFROST is capable of. As for us, it was time to deeply contemplate how we can deliver our capability and technology in a more user-friendly manner. Our final goal on the way has always been building a wallet with high usability that can connect users to the world of Web3.

As we now start Open Beta Test, we are starting our new adventure. While keeping our direction of maintaining focus on user-friendliness, in this new chapter, we will be focused more on how our features of Biport Mobile can help users in exploring the cryptosphere. To accomplish this, we look forward to receiving feedback from our users during this Open Beta, as we took into consideration feedback from the CBT into the latest version. We invite you to join us in testing the latest version of Biport, through this Open Beta.

Biport is a wallet that represents the BIFROST Network. We will be developing the wallet through continuous communication with our users. As we are fully aware that we made a progress thanks to the feedbacks from our CBT users, we are once again looking forward to listening to your valuable feedback. Thank you once again for your support!

You can download Biport Mobile here.

You can find the Biport Mobile user guide here.

Visit our website.


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